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  1. Will osx x86 die out?

    I personally think that by the time these technologies are integrated into the mainstream, compatibility will not matter very much. By the time the Intel-compiled version of MacOS is released to the public (most likely OEM through Apple), one of the three following things can happen: a) It will not be compatible with non-Apple Certified PCs and Laptops AT ALL (beyond "hackability"). It will not be compatible with non-Apple Certified PCs without MAJOR rewriting of the kernel or MOST of the key functional drivers. c) It will have compatibility with regualr PC hardware, since Apple will implement it in their computers as well. Woz already said that he still wants Apple hardware and software to be tightly integrated with each other and not separated, regardless of what the public might want. Being that he already has huge influence over the company's decisions, if that is the way he wants it, we won't see anything past 10.4.4 on our regular PCs. However, he could be bluffing it like most companies do with largely anticipated releases. Only time will tell as to what will happen. However, OS X is something that most power users of PCs have been wanting, and as long as there is a viable release to use, then there shouldn't be a reason as to why the prematured Intel OS X movement will die.
  2. Missing Operating System

    Partition Magic might not work here (it might show the entire partition table as bad) What you have to do is the following. 1) If possible, back up all of your data from the NTFS partition to a DVD or something. 2) Clear the hard drive of partitions. 3) Make two partitions, one for OS X and the other for Windows. 4) Install OS X in THE SECOND partition. Windows will WANT the first one, or else you'll get the same error. Make sure that the second partition is HFS+ and the other is JUST FREE SPACE. 5) After OS X installs, boot the Windows CD up. 6) Format the free space partition that you made before. Be careful though; deleting the wrong partition will obviously prevent you from loading up OSX. 7) After all is done, you should be able to choose which installation you want to load through the Darwin Bootloader. Press any key and hte first option should be "Windows NTFS". i hope that works out for you.
  3. This is a difficult question, especially since you are a college student and money is a huge factor (I'm a freshman too, so I know how it is). I would wait the month. The reason being is not so you can run out and buy it then; that's not going to happen. I would see how the iBook looks there and then make your decision based on those specs. If it gets shown at MacWorld in January, then it's not coming out until June at the least. Plus, it's definitely true that OS X 10.3 is too easy to get in any ordinary PC. They need to put more restrictions before they can think of getting anywhere with it. I would wait, personally.
  4. Are you productive with your OSx86?

    I am about to make the switch over, but there are a few things holding me back: Wireless isn't working for some reason (Belkin F5D7050 v3000 USB Wireless Card), even though other people have gotten this to work. Sound drivers won't turn off my laptop speakers, so I can't use headphones and listen to music privately. However, I still need a Windows install on my computer because I'm an engineering major (Comp Eng) and in our cirriculum we use SolidWorks and a couple of other Windows-only tools.
  5. I completely agree with Terry, however simply reporting this site to Apple's Legal department will not only probably delay the release of the OS BY MONTHS, but give him a terrible reputation, and probably will not benefit him any way. Maxxuss and all of the other "hackers" who have worked to discover the underpinnings of the operating system have done great work, but to pay them would be extremely counterproductive to our hopes of finally getting a straight install of OS X on our computers. Kind of like Vista.
  6. I would definitely go for it, being that now I'm starting to do a lot of digital arts and stuff like that, and Mac is the best platform for that. Plus, it seem as if Vista is not goin to offer much for the average user once it's out, so I might as well go with somethin that seems like it has momentum behind it.
  7. iPod makes you sick

    wow...first the wow incident in china and now this.
  8. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    Sempron 754's are SSE3 capable, last time I checked. I am also pretty sure that they have 64-bit extensions on them as well. It would be kind of ridiculous for Apple to develop an operating system with support for SSE processors. It would not only be a lot more work for a lot less response, but it wouldn't do much for the OS anyway b/c it would run slow. So to SSE.
  9. GMA 900 vs. x300

    Well, if it were a Windows installation, it would be obvious which one is faster. However, since Mac doesn't support ATi's that well yet and they seem to give all development to the GMA900 line, then they are both at the same level. In some instances, the GMA900 might even be better for Mac because of its support.
  10. Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    i tried to install the F5D7050 v3000 USB wifi card, and it wasn't picked up at all. built in ethernet is still greyed out. does anyone know if the v3000 has the same chipset? The rapla link only says that the v2000 of the USB card has it. I have OSX 10.4.1. also, did anyone get it working under OSX 10.4.3? thanks a lot