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  1. I've come to a point where I've exhausting all my on-board SATA ports, so I'm now looking for a bootable SATA controller, something that I can boot from (DVD/HDD) and functions well in Windows, *NIX, and OS X. I can compromise for a non-bootable card, but it still needs to work in all 3 operating systems. P.S: I'm from the United Kingdom, so links to UK sites are appreciated .
  2. I know it has an RTL8211BL, which was difficult enough to get working with Leopard, mainly because of ACPI problems. nForceLAN has my Hardware ID (0269x10DE) but it doesn't load. I noticed somewhere that it's a 64bit kext, but envo says it's i386/x86_64. EDIT: Got it working by putting it in the /S/L/E folder and settings the security to 755. Now for the audio [sarcasm]yay![/sarcasm] More EDIT: I got the Audio working just with the latest VoodooHDA (In /S/L/E Of course, /E doesn't work with all kexts for me.) I have an ALC889(A?)
  3. I have an MSI P6N SLi (nVidia 650i) with a Q6600 and 4GiB of RAM, using a 160GB SATA HDD and A 9800GTX+ (512MiB) The problem sorted itself after I re-wrote the boot-sectors and MBR manually. Dual Monitors and QE/Ci work fine with just the EFI strings, I can't get the onboard LAN working though.
  4. I'm using the Chameleon RC3 to boot SL, I can boot into the installer with nothing more than the Kexts you recommended on a HardDrive, after I've installed, I have to use RC3 to get past an immediate KP. But Leopard doesn't boot, It boots just like the installer until shortly after Previous Shutdown Cause: 3 ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out I get HDD access but no progress.
  5. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    I have an nVidia 7600; and what is this? FYI: GDI is not used to draw Windows, it is used to draw fonts and other vector graphics.
  6. Would this work on 2 Different Cards? For example, an ATi card and an nVidia card? If not, what modifications must I make?
  7. Randomly at shutdown the CPU halted.

    I have exactly the same issue. The problem is not what happens during shutdown, ("CPU Halted" Means the Operating System has shutdown properly) The reason you're seeing it is that the Computer should have powered off, as this issue is a problem with the ACPI driver.
  8. 2 PCI-E Graphics cards.

    Hi, I currently have a P6N SLi and 2 Graphics cards, an ATi HD 3870 and an nVidia 9800GTX. The nVidia card is in the Primary PCI-E slot, and the ATi in the second (It was after I installed OS X). I have the 9800 working with Full QE/CI and resolution with 2 Monitors. My 3rd Monitor is connected to the ATi Card, but is not detected (The ATi Card is shown in System Profiler, but with nothing in the "Display Connector" Section.) I have used 3 sets of drivers, Natit detects the card, but doesn't do anything with it, nothing much is said in the system log. ATY_Init detects the card and powers the fan as if it is processing something, and says a few things about detecting an LCD display in the system log. "Universal Injector" has the same effect as ATY_Init. The 2 cards work in Windows Vista and 7 with the ATI and nVidia drivers installed, with the SLi PCI bridge enabled; giving me a spanned desktop on all 3 monitors. I know this is an Odd setup, I would rather have 2 9800s but don't have any money to buy one. Information: OS X 10.5.7 From iATKOS v7, with the 9.7.0 Voodoo kernel 4GB Physical RAM Both cards have 512MB of Video RAM
  9. Real British QWERTY

    Is there any way to get actual British QWERTY on a mac? (Like Windows, and any other OS), because right now, the only difference I see with the US and British Keyboard layout in OSX is that [shift - 3] is a # instead of a £. Although the actual QWERTY is fine, It's all the special characters like `~§±|":/`\ are on the Wong keys. How would I go about fixing this (Without assigning them all Manually in the terminal)? Also (Unrelated) OS X does not Mount my Android Phones Memory. (The device is odd, because you plug it in to the USB [OS X Will detect the phone] and then you are prompted to mount the Flash memory to the USB) OS X does not then Mount the drive after I have mounted the Flash memory to the USB connection. Though OSX does mount any other flash memory I would insert.