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  1. Thanks for this awesome utility. Is there any plans for you of adding kexts to /Library/Extensions rather than /System/Library/Extensions for 10.11+?
  2. therealarik

    Intel HD Graphics (Ivy B.) / HD 2500 : QE/CI for OsX 10.11

    Alright, first install with Enoch, I am getting a bit better result I think. I am in the first boot of Sierra right now and It booted in 1366x768 without any problem with same settings as installer and apparently no graphics issues right now (after rebuilding kernel cache, without rebuilding there was similar although graphical glitch as clover although I could see the apple screen sometimes unlike clover). Will check later if QE/CI is actually enabled. EDIT: Looks like QE/CI isn't active yet but the GPU is being detected correctly. EDIT2: I checked correctly and GraphicsEnabler is randomly causing screen glitches once in a while. QE/CI still off.
  3. therealarik

    Intel HD Graphics (Ivy B.) / HD 2500 : QE/CI for OsX 10.11

    Unfortunately I don't have an option of switching to a different GPU since I am using a very low end netbook. However I was able to boot to Sierra Installer at 1366x768 using Clover (ig-platform-id=01660003 & Inject Intel, DSDT unpatched, Inject Intel). However when booting for Post-Installation, I got weird graphic glitch in the background (rainbow coloured texture ). However I don't know if this graphic glitch is the same one that oliviero talks about in the first post. And also I can boot without Inject Intel though but it goes to 1024x768. Also thanks for the help. I saw the posts about DSDT now and I patched mine. Will be trying that now. UPDATE: I could not get it to work even after DSDT patches. Next I am switching to Enoch to try it out.
  4. therealarik

    Intel HD Graphics (Ivy B.) / HD 2500 : QE/CI for OsX 10.11

    Hello. I know it's a old thread. But can you please share your DSDT or the method to patch it? I am stuck with a notebook with Celeron 1007U Ivy Bridge which apparently has the same GPU: 0156. P.S.: I believe I got everything working in the installer but during the post install I got a glitched screen even though the mouse pointer was correctly visible.