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  1. I managed to run ppf-o-matic on osx...os x version kept on falling down when I would load iso image but that is history too i will send screen of system if everything goes well... thx one more time...cheers
  2. I am using os x without windows install...can I patch this file in any other way than ppf master i get this error: i put both iso and ppf in same folder...its a same thing if they are separated...
  3. ppfmaster isn't working for me so I am interested where can I find ppf-o-matic for OS X? thx
  4. mrxa

    nVidia drivers

    thx man...i will try it peace
  5. will this work on amd?
  6. mrxa

    nVidia drivers

    hi guys.... i am interested in nVidia drivers. Since MacVidia is down, I decided to come here.. I have osx 10.4.8. installed on my AMD processor but there is no drivers for graphic card. I am only interested in them because I want to change resolution (currently on 1024*768) to at least 1600*1200 . I have nVidia 7800 GTX (pci express). Thx infront for all help you can give...cheers