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    capslock not working fine

    Anyone experience caps lock bug on siera pb 6? When i press the 1st time, it change to uppercase, the caps lock light up when press second time, the light go off, but still in caps lock mode. press third the the light blink once then caps lock mode off...like very weird.. My system is laptop asus k551ln, using AppleSmartTouchpad.kext latest version...the kext is bundle with keyboard and touchpad driver. If anyone know how to fix pls let me know...it is annoying when typing ~~...
  2. king950528

    macOS Sierra HD4000 Display - Public 7

    thx, problem solve....
  3. king950528

    macOS Sierra HD4000 Display - Public 7

    Ok thx,So your clover it is still set with inject EDID?
  4. king950528

    macOS Sierra HD4000 Display - Public 7

    I have the same problem , can u explain detail a bit how you solve the problem ? I ad did the drawin dump of my monitor edid, generate the DisplayMergeNub.kext using FixEDID.app, installed it in S/L/E. But the DisplayMergeNub.kext show not loaded..n my monitor still not injected.. *MY SYSTEM IS Asus K551LN laptop with intel hd4400 ,patched DSDT and QE/CI all working, just can't access to display preference to adjust brightness..