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  1. Sorry for the n00b question , but: - what's the difference between Chameleon and Boot-132 ? what's the specific purpose of each ?
  2. With all the new kexts around, is still suspend impossible with speedstep enabled? It's the only thing keeping me from a total switch to the hackintosh!
  3. AppleSMBIOSEFI for Tiger and Leopard

    Does this new AppleSMBIOS enable the use of Coolbook or some other sort of cpu energy saver ? Is there anything else to do / download to make it possible?
  4. I have a Vostro with the 8600, works great as far as video is concerned. You just have to manually shut down the laptop (keep the power button pressed for 5 seconds) after the monitor blanks at the end of the shutdown sequence (no data loss or anything)
  5. Maybe someone knows the answer: - do real macs have something like speedstep ? If they do, why doesn't it get automatically enabled in our hackintoshes ? Where's the catch?
  6. No, but i think you'll have to prevent the CPU Throttle kext from loading with a non-speedstep kernel: I've found it just crashes on those conditions.
  7. All 10.5.1 distos will install with no problem. For the 10.5.2 they've changed some plist file with experimental features that hang on many inspirons and vostros! The only way i've found is to patch the install dvd with kexts from a working install:(
  8. Hard to believe but update in the works

    A better AppleACPIPlatform and AppleACPI kext on the install dvd! All the vostros and some inspirons can't get the install to boot
  9. On a vostro 1500, got the same identical problem! How to solve it: no easy way, the only working solution i've found is to exchange the AppleACPIPlatform and AppleAPIC kexts on the install dvd with ones from a working installation. I've used iAtkos 1.0r2 kexts on the install dvd, and got it to work - the copy being installed already has everything working. So you have to patch the dvd, you can just open its iso file from a working MacOs install, or from linux, passing the -t hfsplus parameter to mount. I'll see more in detail to it this evening, i'll try to post a PPF to patch Leo4all-v3 . So far i got Kalyway 10.5.2 to work this way, but i made a mess trying all the possible combos, so i'll start afresh with Leo4all.
  10. On a dell Vostro 1500, same CPU as others, same problem! It's either a stuck IOAPIC (it returns different values of some vector comparing to a working kalyway), or crashes on AppleAcpiPlatform. Maybe an EFI issue?
  11. Did anyone tried installing Leo4all on a Vostro 1500 (or similiar) ?? I get weird boot kernel errors, can't figure out the problem. The only clue is: on kalyway, the kernel says IOAPIC vector from 24:60, booting the doomed Leo4all install dvd i get IOAPIC vector 0:23, is it some weird kind of EFI problem ?!
  12. Open the terminal, write "sudo passwd". After inserting your password, it will ask you twice for the new root password. After it's set, you'll be able to log-in as root, even in the main login window
  13. Hey! I've tried installing Leo4all-V3 on my Dell Vostro 1500 (intel core 2 duo, nvidia 8600), but can't even get the installation to boot! Immediately there's a kernel panic, it crashes on AppleAcpiPlatform. If i boot it with cpus=1 it gets stuck in IOAPIC, platform=X86PC doesn't help either. Weird thing is, kalyway installs and works great on the same machine! Has anyone tried installing on the same machine ? What could iI try?
  14. Thanks Macgirl for all the quick helpflul answers! I've tried installing Leo4all-v3, i get a nasty AppleAcpiPlatform related crash on boot and can't get to start the install! Even trying with cpus=1 it gets stuck on IOAPIC, does anyone know a solution? (I have a Vostro 1500)
  15. Kalyway ships the driver for the integrated broadcom ethernet, Broadcom 440x, upgrading you lose it in the way. or another method of installing Hope it helps! I've noticed {censored} quality of connection via ethernet, the connection drops every hour or two, reverting to a wrong auto-assigned IP - does it happen to you ? AppleBCM440XEthernet.kext.zip