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  1. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    Guys I've made it!!!!! Now I have some problems...!!! to start up when it boots native I have to write "-v cpus=2"...how can I do so ? don't have to write it all the times that I boot? P.s. I forgot to say that I had to install it with VwWare....
  2. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    Let's go back to the topic... Does anyone know why I get that panic? any suggestions?
  3. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

  4. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    sorry for the missunderstanding but in other italian forums I use UP which in english as you say its BUMP!
  5. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    It's only to put the topic in top of the forum...because I need help!
  6. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    Wait!!!!! I didn't get running anything! I 'm still suck at the boot, I still can't get to the install! I get that panic....look at it and see if you know what can it be.....please...
  7. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    it could be a solution....
  8. UPDATE!Finally I made it!

    OPS!!!!! Finally i found the problem....so does anyone know a SSE1 version??? Please send me a PM !!!!! Please...
  9. UPDATE!!!!! This my other machine: Motherboard - AsRock ALiveNF6G-VSTA Memory 1GB - 1 slot Processor - AMD AthlonX2 64 4000 integrated VGA 256 mb NVIDEA GeForce6 HD IDE primary master & dvd-rw Primary slave Now....why do I get this: UPDATE!!!!! Another update! Finally I made it! with VMWare and then boot with -v cpus=2...but still some stings don't work... I don't have any audio...internet...if anyone can help me.....PLEASE