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  1. Hey Guys, I'm having an issue installing ubuntu on my 2007 MacBook Pro 3, 1(10.8.4). I've tried to install it from USB since my optical drive is broken. I've followed the instruction on how to setup a bootable usb on mac osx. in MBP I get no errors. Once I boot into the USB I get a "secure boot not enabled". I get a black screen, then a screen with the try ubuntu or Install Ubuntu options. No matter which i select it goes to a black screen and nothing else happens.... any idea what I can do? is there any other distro that might work better? Thanks Steve
  2. Dell PowerEdge

    Hey Everyone, I have a dell poweredge 1850, dell poweredge 1950, dell poweredge 2850. I'm wondering if there's a tutorial or how to install on how to install any vesrion of OSX86. I've searched the forum but it tells me I'm not allowed to search for for those criterias. Thanks Steve
  3. Bootcamp crash lost space in HDD

  4. Bootcamp crash lost space in HDD

    Hey all, I was just about to install vista on bootcamp I have a 250gb hard drive in macbook pro, when I selected the partition it went and started to partition the hard drive. half way through the mac froze and I got the screen that I had to restart the mac. now when I rebooted I only have 50gb left on my 250gb hard drive, when I started I had like 180gb. I went into bootcamp thinking it would have partitioned my Hard drive. Nope. so where did my extra 130GB went??? is there a Huge cash file somewhere in my mac?? thank steve
  5. Triple Boot XP/Vista/OSX Works nice...

    Hey all I just bought my first Macbook pro, I have a couple of questions. 1. How do I use BootCamp to create a drivers CD? 2. Will I have to re-install OSX? if so is there a serial Number or it just install? 3. How do I get to the disk utility and terminal? is it during installation setup? 4. How can I select what OS I want to boot to after all 3 install? Thanks Steve.
  6. can you show me a link?? I selected MBR partition so shouldn't it boot as MBR?? where can I find more info on this MBR EFI/GUID??? Thanks Steve
  7. I installed kaly on my toshiba r15s829 and it successfully installed. on reboot I get a "b0 error" and that's it nothing else happends??!?! any idea? Toshiba R15-S829 Specs Intel Pentium M (1.5 GHz) , 2 GB DDR SDRAM , 80 GB IDE ,
  8. Finally installed 10.4.5

    I know that all of you have installed osx for the longest time but this is my actual first Great attempt. I had to install it in my VMware cause I have raid drives and no more drives, so I'm actually running inside the VM on my dell XPS Gen 5. I actually got my internet to work in the VM I'm wondering if I decide to install it on a separete drive will the nic card work? it's Broadcom netxtreme 57XX or it's just working cause I have it NAT? this is my actual first MAC(technicly) I've ever had...
  9. GPS on os x86

    Anyone know any known working GPS programs that work with the antenna for the osx86? I have Microsoft streets & trips but I don't think it will work on this system. thanks