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  1. My 1390 card arrived yesterday in the mail. I've plugged it into the WWAN slot of my m1530 (in between Ultra-wide-band and Wifi slots). So now i have two wifi cards plugged in. And now I have network access... in fact, I'm posting this form Leopard.
  2. How's your bluetooth working out? Macgirl has been a great help! Thank you.
  3. 1. I moved the IOBluetoothFamily.kext out of /System/Library/Extensions/ 2. Rebooted 3. Moved it back 4. Bluetooth worked beautifully 5. Paired up with my mobile phone 6. Used the internet through my phone (PAN) via bluetooth 7. Rebooted 8. I was back where I started (Bluetooth not working) Any thoughts?
  4. I haven't tried to load any of them manually. Can you point me to an article that will describe how to load them and/or which ones to try loading? I'm happy to experiment.
  5. I've attached a screencap of kextstat and System Profiler. BIOS settings for Internal Bluetooth = Enabled & Wireless Switch = All I installed using the original iAtkos 10.5.1 with only the EFI option selected. Then i installed graphics and audio in a similar manner to what you've descrbied above. Finally, installed the fingerprint reader software thanks to your help above.
  6. Thank you for putting this together. It's great to see all of this info in one place. I have an XPS m1530 with EFI and working video, audio, webcam, and fingerprint reader. Bluetooth is not working for me though. Vista tells me that I have the Dell Truemobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR. Leopard tells me "No Bluetooth device present." And if i try to set up a new device Leopard says, "No Bluetooth Hardware Found". Anyone else have this issue? Any thoughts on solutions?