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  1. Thanks Micky, if I will find any HDEF instances should I delete them from ssdt? However I am confused, does the ssdt definitions are contained within the dsdt? Im asking since I only have dsdt.aml in the Extra folder, so I dont know if the ssdt will affect?
  2. In fact I have added HDEF in the DSDT file along wth the DTGP method. But still no applehda injection. In IORegistry app there is no load of applehda. I dont have any other ideas why this laptop in particular does not want to inject the kext like others as all edits necessary are there. You mentiond the ssdt files, are these important to edit as well? Does dsdtse app extract ssdt files?
  3. Hi Micky Do you have any idea why sound assertion errors came up using HDAEnabler kext but not with the dsdt, even though it has HDEF? One must note that the laptop did not implement the HDEF in the unedited DSDT file
  4. But was it like this before? -f forces kernel cache right? Try putting AppleHDA in /Extra/Extensions
  5. Try UseKernelCache=No maybe it helps. By the way I have got some update. I managed to get sound assertion error by installing HDAEnabler and deleting the dsdt.aml. I am starting to think that my dsdt has a problem. What could it be?
  6. Hey, I have rebooted using the new dsdt however, still no assertion errors at least. However attached are the errors for AppleHDAController, that I have been seeing when booting into Mountain Lion. Is there a way to be sure that at least DSDT.aml is loading? Do I need to make any alterations in the smbios.plist? I have also attached the smbios file. HDAController error loading kext.rtf smbios.plist.zip
  7. Ok thanks dude, I don't know where those errors actually came from, as those method definitions, like _GTM are the default code from HP, just extracted using DSDTse app. I actually need to go to my girlfriend now, (since the laptop with the hackintosh is hers) to check the new dsdt edits, and reinstall the applehda kext. One last question for now The HDA assertion errors, do you have any idea, at what part of the booting they will show, and how do they look like, so that I will have an idea?
  8. Thanks for your code. With regards to compiling, from DSDTse application it gives just warning and remarks, about _HOT, _GTM and much more, but it still compiles successfully, I don't whether these remarks and warning are affecting the HDEF section Can you confirm the edits in the attached dsdt? I have amended the code you sent me however. In case the dsdt still does not load the AppleHDA kext, can I use an alternative way to load the kext? dsdt.aml.zip
  9. Thats the problem, I am not seeing any sound assertion errors. These errors are shown in verbose boot right? The only applehda stuff I saw during booting was applehdacontroller failed to load in the console utility under system.log. Do you want to check my dsdt file?
  10. To be completely honest, I did that already. Since I tried to read the perl script already. After running the script and examining the applehda binary I noticed that "b2 76 1d 11" (since my codec in hex is 111d76b2), was replaced twice in the binary file. However the applehda kext is still not loading (running kextstat after mountain lion boots up does not show applehda), do you think its a problem of the dsdt? Originally my dsdt had no definition for HDEF and DPTG, so I added them.
  11. Hi Micky, while I really appreciate the very clear guide you posted, believe me I have put a great effort to make my codec work. I have wasted a whole week, since I didnt get any further from no sound completely. All i ask is for someone to give me a hint how to patch the applehda binary at least, since my idt codec is not supported by the bcc9 perl script. I did compare a lot of differen kexts built for idt codecs with my applehda kext and mine seems up to standard so I really have no idea what could be wrong, why at least there is no audio devices registered in system profiler.
  12. AppleHDA patching in Mountain Lion

    Thanks for the link, however I followed a copy of this link in english in here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283754-patched-applehdakext-for-codecs-idt-92hd81b1x5-idt-92hd91bxx/ and didnt work for me. Would you like to see the verbs, and kext I generated maybe you can guide me to whats wrong?
  13. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    Hi Guys, I have an HP dv5-1130ea with IDT 92HD71B7X, pci 111d 76b2. Does anybody has any idea how to path AppleHDA binary for this code? Is there any formula or something, to compute the hex for it?
  14. AppleHDA patching in Mountain Lion

    Hi, I have a HP dv5-1130ea and tried to use patch-hda.pl script done by bcc9. However there is no support for the 111d76b2 codec, which is the IDT 92HD71B7X. Can somebody point out some tips how can I patch the AppleHDA binary manually via terminal? Till now I have tried the following commands: sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x84\x19\xd4\x11|\xb2\x76\x1d\x11|g' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA However there is no devices showing in the Audio section under System profiler. Can anyone help in patching manually or else advise how can I make support in the perl script of @bcc9? I am not really proficient in pl scripts