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  1. Please install the Ethernet Driver provided in the main post. i hope it will solve your problem !!!! Best Of Luck !!! It is advised that you please mod the BIOS of your mobo......shown in step 1 using EZ Flasher in your Bios. Please check out the main post !!!
  2. Don't worry pal, if you are on this motherboard just download the ethernet driver above where it says Atl1ekext_x64_20100430.zip and also the Kext_Helper_b7.zip. Put both the files in the desktop after you extract them. Double Click on the Kext Utility icon and Drag the kext file into the application. Enter the password and hit easy install You Ethernet will be enabled. Please tell me your configuration. Is OSX running on onboard graphics over this board or you had to get a Video Card to make it work ??? Thank You and Best Of Luck !!!
  3. Please use SATA HDD, my 5 years of OSX86 installations experience gives me a sense that changing your drives to SATA will make the installation perfectly go smoothly!!! THANK YOU and KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED
  4. Is it working with the on-board GRAPHICS too ??? You can buy 8800GT or 9800GT, they are fully supported as well as powerful too
  5. We will definitely try the new 10.6.7 as soon as it gets over App Store !!! :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Thank you !!! Please spread the words among your friends that Asus P5G41-M-LE is best for HAKINTOSH and its also cheap.
  7. UPDATE : You can safely update 10.6.3 to 10.6.7 using the Mac OS X v10.6.7 Combo Update
  8. Install on Asus P5G41-M LE Motherboard

    I installed iAtkos s3 v2 i.e MAC OSX 10.6.3 and this motherboard is working great. Almost everything is working except the ethernet which need a kext to be installed. Had some problems with the new voodooHDA but after switching to older one its working great. This motherboard uses realtek ALC887 coded. Thanks a lot @jack kyle and InsanelyMac Forum. Anyone having problem installing OSX86 can use my Guide to Install iATKOS S3 [snow Leopard] in ASUS P5G41-M-LE
  9. Guide to Install iATKOS S3 [snow Leopard] in ASUS P5G41-M-LE ASUS P5G41-M-LE It is recommended by me to have a modded bios to run snow leopard on this board. I didn't try with the official bios update but you can try it. You will need : 1. Download SLICS2.1 moodded bios :P5G41_M_LE_0506_SLICdsdt.zip 2. iATKOS S3 v2 DVD [ Snow Leopard 10.6.3] Setting Up Ur BIOS: Update ur Bios using the modded BIOS .ram file using the BIOS TOOLS which can be found in the BIOS under Tools Menu called "ASUS EZ Flash 2" as shown below NEXT Adjust ur POWER OPTIONS from the screenshot : GO INTO ONBOARD DEVICE CONFIGURATION [from the menu given in screenshot] and disable Serial and Parallel Ports. Adjust Ur Boot Device Priority from the menu given below in Screenshot Make 1st Boot Device as ur DVDRW drive and 2nd Boot Device to the HDD in which you are installing MAC PRESS F10 to save BIOS setting and exit Pre-Installation Setup Insert the DVD and let it boot. Don't worry it will boot up fine to the MAC OSX installer. From the Utilities menu select disk Utilities -> select your hard disk -> click partition tab -> select the number of partitions as per your choice from the VOLUME SCHEME -> select the MAC OSX Extended (Journaled) format but don't forget the to click OPTIONS and set the GUIDE PARTITION TABLE. Hit apply and your HDD should be ready to install Snow Leopard Close the Disk Utility. INSTALLING MAC OSX SL Select the HDD in the installer and click next -> accept the license agreement -> At this point you can hit customize to select any additional hardware drivers you need for you system but be sure that you are selecting correct divers or else you may end up with a boot error or kernel panic, so its not recommended by by me -> click install Wait for the installer to complete and boot up from your HDD. Sound should be working fine and here is the Ethernet driver : Atl1ekext_x64_20100430.zip Use Kext Helper Kext_Helper_b7.zip to easy install the above kext. This will get your networking enabled in you motherboard. Now for GRAPHICS it is recommended to buy a card that is well supported by OSX86. For more details check out the wiki of OSX86 project. You can use the EFI Studio to get your graphics enabled. If you face Audio Problems, here is the driver : VoodooHDA.kext.zip <- This is working great SOME SCREENSHOTS : Thank a lot to Jack Kyle and insanelymac without whom this wouldn't have been ever possible.
  10. Install on Asus P5G41-M LE Motherboard

    @jack kyle I failed with the installation of OSX86 in every aspect..... I updated my bios to 506+slick 2.1 from the download link provided above.......and tried iDeneb 10.56 and iPC 10.5.6. For both of the distros I failed up getting an error called "using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" which you have mentioned above I managed to pass to this error using the iPC ACPI fix....but.... 1) in iDeneb it got stuck again at the famous "Still Waiting for root device" 2) in iPC lead to a kernel panic Only last hope is iAKOS s3 v2.....I hope it works with my system config....because we both have almost same config
  11. How to patch AppleHDA.kext from 10.5.2 and above

  12. How to patch AppleHDA.kext from 10.5.2 and above

    Please help me get my sound on XFX 630i 7100 Motherboard. In Windows the Realtek Driver it show audio codec as ALC888S. I have tried the ALC888 drivers from iPC and Realtek also.But none of then seems to works.With the Ubuntu Linux Codec Dump [attached below] I have tried to patch it with the AppleHDA patcher by dragging and droping it. Still no LUCK !!! Please Help me !!! Sound is the only thing thats not working !!! codec_dump0.txt Please tell me how can I get my sound !!! PLZ PLZ PLZ. Evehing is working fine except the sound.
  13. Guide to Install KALYWAY 10.5.2 on XFX 630i 7100 / 7xxx Click here to goto the Manufacturer's Website Screenshot of the Motherboard After strugging for past 2 years I have atlast installed OSX86 on this motherboard. If ur BIOS is not upto date please install the BIOS update from the manufacturers website. In the BIOS set SATA MODE to ACHI and HPET enabled. Now burn the Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso at 4x or 8x speed. Boot up the Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd disk in verbose mode by pressing F8 and entering -v Dont worry it will boot up fine into the OSX Installer Choose Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. Using Disk Utility format the partition as MACOSX (journaled). Close Disk Utility. Now go back to the setup and select the correct partition that u formatted in the previous step. Click next and hit "customize" Leave everything default only uncheck Addition Fonts, Language Translations, Network Drivers, and check the ACPI/APIC JAS MACOSX TIGER fix and from the patches select the cpus=1 fix Now wait till the wholes system gets installed. NOW INSTALL THESE DRIVERS: Lan Driver: nForceLAN_0.64.5.mpkg.zip Audio Driver:First remove AppleHDA.kext, ALCinject.kext that are there in the extention folder and then install the above driver. This driver will also work for Motherboards with Realtek ALC 1200 Audio Chipset. Now u need to install the kexts from AUDIO_KEXTS.zip using the Kext_Helper_b7.zip AUDIO_KEXTS.zip Kext_Helper_b7.zip Now if ur on XFX 630i 7100 you can use my CODEC DUMP only but if ur on XFX 630i 7xxx I am not that this codec_dump will work perfectly for u. It is safe to get ur own codec_dump.txt from any LINUX distribution packages. Now u you need to install the AppleHDA patcher. Drag n Drop the CODEC_DUMP and REBOOT. This will help to GET THE HD SOUND WORKING. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLEHDA PATCHER This is my codec_dump : codec_dump.txt usb_fix_1.3.mpkg.zip for fixing Mounting of USB Devices and Install EFI Studio to Install the Graphics
  14. Cant pass the BLACK SCREEN

  15. Cant pass the BLACK SCREEN

    I tried enabling HPET (High Precision Event Timer) its the same story again, I got the stuck at the same line ACPI: System State (s0, s3, s4, s5) (s3) This time I have a screenshot of the error which is taking place during the installtion.... Pls look at it I hope it will help u to solve my problem Pls give a reply as fast as possible I am dying 2 install mac os x86 on my PC