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    Nice! I may try that. I'm using 10.5.2 from Leo4All v2, and have just sped up the boot a bit. It eliminated 2/25/10 9:46:22 PM kextd[10] IOKitWaitQuiet() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols and sped up the boot a bit. Search for "scanForDrives" in your IOATAFamily.kext (it's in IOATAController.cpp). Change the first two 3100's to 500, and compile. I had to take the resulting IOATAFamily binary and replace the one in my existing IOATAFamily.kext, due to other files which were not in the IOATAFamily.kext source code I have. Anyway, once the modified IOATAFamily is in the .kext, set the ownership and permissions. I deleted Extensions.mkext and used -f as wellfor my first boot. See this thread as well: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=138460 I used 500 instead of 100. // wait for a not busy bus (jc - Changed 3100 to 500) // should be ready, but some devices may be slow to wake or spin up. for( int loopMils = 0; milsSpent < 500; loopMils++ ) { OSSynchronizeIO(); status = *_tfStatusCmdReg; if( (status & mATABusy) == 0x00 ) break; IOSleep( 10 ); milsSpent++; } // spun on BSY for too long, declare bus empty (jc - Changed 3100 to 500) if( ! (milsSpent < 500) ) goto AllDone; erbid
  2. Erbid

    MCP51 High Definition Audio [10de:026c]

    I think I found it. This is needed, use it instead of the "0xNNNN8086" string. In the Windows part, I found it under "High Definition Audio Controller" instead of "Microsoft UAA Bus Driver For High Definition Audio" under System Devices. Erbid
  3. Erbid

    MCP51 High Definition Audio [10de:026c]

    Did you get this going? I have the same thing, but I think it's "bogus" in the sense that it is not connected through to my audio subsystem. Somehow my DSDT reflects this instead of the PCI audio subsystem of my audio hardware. Still digging, I think I need to boot windows to find my "actual audio hardware", or perhaps look it up in my hardware specifications on the manufacturer website. But I have little hope that this address will actually patch through to my sound hardware. Erbid
  4. You might try mounting the Kalway media, and browsing for the bundle it installs for the NIC card in question. I'm starting to dissect some of my favorite distributions, and have found the .bundle files can be useful for adding things you would have added at initial install if you knew you would be able to boot with them installed. Erbid
  5. Erbid

    HP Pavilion tx1000 series

    I have the best luck with 10.5.2 Leo4Allv2. Aside from a yearn to update to 10.5.6, and maybe use the Voodoo kernel or a derivative. My attempts so far have led to instability. Update: Battery Boot is working for me presently, and it has not worked in the past. My latest fiddling has been with the NVIDIA SATA driver (Medevil with 2 edits, 3100 -> 500 in two places in the area where it polls waits for each bus to respond). And I futzed with the display, no major changes, just a smoother boot once I used OSX to build the .mkext cache by simply touching the Extensions folder. I was trying to load the NVIDIA drivers from my EFI partition, but was unable to make them work from there. I do not presently have a sound driver loaded. End Update edit. I've tried a few others, but never had the priority 1) Wireless (out of the box) 2) Video (easily updated to full resolution) 3) Sound (AzailiaAudio or somesuch, out of the box) 4) Touchscreen (easily updated) 5) Time (works with no fixes, just the registry setting in Windows 7, Microsoft finally got it to work!) webcam and screen calibration work great, only a problem tor tx2000 machines. I'm happiest with this solid and working 10.5.2. It seems the update to 10.5.3 is long gone, but I look for it now and then still. I disable sleep, and shutdown OSX when I walk away from it for a while. - What follows is the best info I had, but I have not updated beyond 10.5.2 yet. I may try again just for Safari 4 - Apologies to wyzazz and Bluecopter, but some reason, I can not get his topic to load, so the first post is quoted here. Anyhow, it functions well and lets me escape from Windows when I am not in the mood for it. This works. Look for the post with the kit to download. I think it is " http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=87077 " but it won't come up for me. But if that is impossible to load, the content can be found in BlueCopters profile, on the topics tab. " http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showuser=115707 " it loads quickly. Or use the lofi version: " http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...p/t87077-0.html " ( ends with forum/lofiversion/index.php/t87077-0.html for those that need copy and paste) Here's the content (thanks to wyzazz and BlueCopter): HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard HP Pavilion tx1000 & tx2000 Leo4Allv2 Instructions Downgrade your BIOS to F.04 for the tx2000(ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp38001-38500/sp38256.exe), this is necessary for your sound to work and must be done from within windows. Downgrade your BIOS to F.12 for the tx1000(ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp36001-36500/sp36076.exe), this is necessary for your sound to work and must be done from within windows. Press F9 during boot and select to boot from CD (you must do this or you will get the com.apple.boot.plist error) The disk will stop booting at IOAPIC: Version 0x11 Vectors 0:23 Double-Tap your Power Button and it will continue loading Format your Partition or Disk using the Disk Utility during setup Click the Customize button before installing & select the following options AMD-System-Fix TimeMachineFix Third Party Drivers Chipset Drivers - nForce2/3/4/5 chipset driver Audio Drivers - AzaliaAudio Graphics Drivers - NVidia Driver - NVinject Go Network Drivers - Forcedeth Driver Let the disk install once it's finished you should have a more or less working install of Leopard Remember to press F9 and choose your Hard Drive to avoid the com.apple.boot.plist error And also remember to Double-Tap your power button to get it to boot Now download the_29's tx1000 package (http://rapidshare.com/files/109974152/tx1000Pack.zip) and install per the instructions, in a nutshell all of the .kext files need to be installed with the Kext Helper in the Applications folder, and all of the other files have their places as well, just read the instructions and you should be good to go Or you can download wyzazz's .mpkg (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=26433) and have all the work done for you automatically� �you will still have to manually remove /System/Library/Extensions/IONDRVSupport.kext This should get you to a mostly working tx1000/tx2000 Leopard Tablet, things that do not work are as follows: Webcam (Blue Light comes on, but picture is always green on tx2000 only) Sound Jacks on front port (No mic, or sound out of jacks 1&2) ACPI Power issue on boot (Double-Tap the power button) ACPI Power issue, cannot boot under battery power (must be plugged in) Screen Calibration does not currently work (on tx2000 only) No QE/CI hardware support To update your install to 10.5.4 follow the below steps� Download the 10.5.3 update from The Bay of Pirates (10.5.3 Update for AMD Working) Download the 10.5.4 update package and 9.4.0 modbin kernel from this thread (http://leo4all.uni.cc/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=269) Download the pcwiz kernel installer (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=30746) Install the 10.5.3 update then repair permissions with the Extensions_Repair Utility in the Applications Folder and Restart Install the 10.5.4 update then repair permssisons with the Extensions_Repair Utility again and Restart Use the pcwiz kernel installer to install your shiny new kernel, then install the system.kext file using the Kext Installer Utility in the Applications Folder and Restart That's it! You have a Leopard 10.5.4 Tablet with most of the Bells and Whistles up and running! Please check the end of this thread for the most recent information related to the tx1000/2000 series laptops. This post may not always be updated as there may not always be time to do so. -wyzazz
  6. Erbid

    HP Pavilion tx1000 series

    I'm also working about 2 hours a week on getting OSX functional (primarily boot and wireless issues) on my tx1000. I've noticed a few flavors of this laptop, mine is a gd917av. Apparetly gd917av designates a "custom" version, as there are no hardware specifications on HP's site that I can find. My experience with 10.5.1 (Kalway/Tubgirl) got me very excited. But I was unable to repeat an install that would boot. I know a bit more now and may try again, but for now I'm happiest with 10.4.10, but need wireless ethernet (it boots, vidio output works in a useable manner, I can read and write to my internal drive...). My most valuable lessons so far are 1) "do not select any nforce4 patches or drivers for the initial install". Otherwise I end up not being able to boot. (going single user [-s] usually got me running, but not really up. I did edit a few .kext items and move them around a bit to no avail. I did not usually have a plan other than to be able to boot.) 2) Use an AMD or at least AMD supporting installation. <grin> I have found no installs which boot allowing installation to my internal drive. I have found one or two which allow me to see the internal partitions as partitions of the correct size, but I can not erase or install to them. Most install boots do not even allow me to see the partitions on my internal drive. Once loaded to an external USB drive, I usually have NTFS read and write access to my internal drive. To shrink my Vista partition enough to have a useable partition, I used gparted. It seemed to take 30 minutes or an hour, but worked well. I now have 30GB to install to, if I can ever figure out how to install to the internal drive. Does anyone have wireless working under Tiger/10.4? 10.5.x ??? Does anuone have a repeatable install which boots to Leopard/10.5? I think I had this work the first time. Using Kalway 10.5.1 and (perhaps) ignoring the NForce4 (or series 40?) driver option. I recall hacking a video driver at some point, adding "0x024010de$amp;0xFFF8FFFF " to NVDANV40HAL.kext/Contents/Info.plist. The other files (NVDAResman.kext and Geforce.kext) were already looking for appropriate wildcard matches, so I did not edit them. I am not sure what CPUID's needed to go into the .kext files, so that may have been what causes crashes during boot in most cases. (I used pre-patched install disks from folks w/o a tx1000) I am using: Booting OSX - Tubgirl 10.4.10 is the best I've found for a reliable booting load. No customizations works for the install, but selecting NForce4 drivers (I was thinking for the basic chipset, and for the internal HD) seems to crash OSX during boot. Applications - Installing uphuck 10.4.8 (before loading Tubgirl 10.4.10) with many items selected (all the apps except the icon editor which gets in my way...) results in a non-booting install, but does load applications well. Installing Tubgirl 10.4.10 over it results in a good boot with the applications intact. Broadcom 4311 - wireless - No joy. I recall seeing the hardware address a few times during boot. But at that time I was still looking for something to complete the boot process once installed. Could have been Kalway 10.5.1. NVidia 6150 - Video - I use framebuffer mode, no special driver loaded, 1024x768. Card is enumerated during boot sequence, but wireless is my second priority, the top one after booting. Since I can see my display and work, I'm somewhat happy. NVidia NForce4 - Hard disk - I use generic drivers here and find any driver loaded seems to crash my system during boot. I am unable to install any OSX flavor so far on the internal hard drive, and hope that forcing use of an IDE driver would "fix" that. I use an external "MyBook" from Maxtor for OSX and can usually read and write to partitions on my internal drive once OSX is booted. Realtek audio - seems to work (almost?) every time. Always works during install. Camera - works Erbid tx1000z - gd617av osx 10.4.10 - network access through Vista, and data transfer using a shared partition.