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  1. 82574L

    Its working for me to
  2. Autosleep-Script

    I love it, but it would be perfect if you could add transmission support. So it wont sleep while downloading and when copying files.
  3. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    There is 3 kexts and you have to install all of them. alc883.kext hda.kext and hdaenabler.kext No there is only one hda, but if you press the link 4 times you have 4 hda.kext I havent given you any ps2.kext. I think you have to read about all this some more.
  4. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Just install with kexthelper. Same name??
  5. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    I have the kexts installed on my laptop, but i dont now where to post them. I got them from coconup. About kexthelperb7 it crashes for me to in SL and i have to force quit. If you dont use any password for your user, like if you just only press enter when kext helper prompts for password then its impossible to install kexts with kext helper. You have to make a password for your user account. Here are the files you need for sound in SL http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=47356 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=49880 http://www.kexts.com/view/12-hdaenabler_(32--64-bit).html Its 3 kexts and you just install them with kexthelperb7, even if kexthelper crashes You also have to uninstall the other sound kext you got installed in system/extensions and also extra/extensions. If you have voodoohda installed you have to delete it.
  6. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Take a look at superhais downloadpage for snow leopard. There is a solution for your battery icon and voodoopowermini for snow should fix your fan issue. http://www.superhai.com/darwin.html About your touchpad you have to uninstall evrything about it and then reinstall voodoops2 32/64 bit for snow leopard. The best way to uninstall is to search your hard drive for appleps2.kext and voodoops2.kext. I do it with an app called "find any file" and its perfect i think? http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/30079/find-any-file
  7. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    No they do not! You just have to use hdaenabler.kext for snow and it will work.
  8. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    The drivers for audio is on the first page of this thread. the nullcpupowermanagement.kext? You have the name of the kext?? You have to google it of course and then you have to install it!
  9. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Ok! What do you mean its not there? You maybe need to delete dsmos.kext and install fakesmc.kext version 2.5. If you boot snow with -v or in verbose mode from the chameleon bootloader version 2 rc3. then you will see whats causing your kernel panic. You also need NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. Good luck
  10. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    You need to uninstall sleepenabler.kext and install the one for 10.6.2
  11. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Download the file and read the instructions, as i dont remember how to? Iatkos i dont know anything about? This thread is for retail install. You can find the instruction on superhais page.
  12. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    The fan is noisy as hell i know, but it has to be there. If you try the voodoopower.kext maybe it will help a bit,
  13. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    No i meant show invisible files and in the root of your HD there is the private folder, but it want help in 10.5.8 The only way i could get sleep in 10.5.8 was to swap the kernel with the one from 10.5.7 And you also need this http://www.superhai.com/files/deprecated/V...SBEHCI.kext.zip you have to figure out for your self how to edit the files. Cause i dont remember how to?
  14. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Yes in 10.6.2 there are 64 bit drivers. Ok! In what version of mac osx are you trying to get sleep working? In 10.6.2 and 32 bit mode iam using sleepenabler.kext for snow and clamshelldisplay.kext, also you have to delete the sleepimagefile in private/var/vm