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    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Peppie, thanks for the response, but, im a little confused.... Last week you posted that you had no sound, so did you install a driver to get it working? Or was the fix simply to adjust System Preferences>Sound>Output? Thanks!
  2. iwish

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Like nightmaker, im wondering about sound. Lots of users (fa7471, Waxon Wax, hplaptopmac ...) have gotten the speakers working but does ANYONE have LINE OUT sound working? If so, could you post the driver and note your laptop model?
  3. iwish

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    bump - just trying to double check that gma x3100 is not supported by leopard, it seems no one has got it working cleanly, is that right? thanks for any help!
  4. iwish

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Hey guys, general question regarding gma and buying a laptop. you can run tiger but not leopard without tearing with a gma x3100 with Intel GM965 right? so if i want to run leopard, i should spend some xtra cash on a laptop with a standard graphics card like nvidia? this compaq is the one i was thinking of: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1199496037736
  5. iwish

    Dual boot and HP9700t

    Peppie - What you mention looks like a driver trying to call library code. i would guess you need to set an environemental variable or modify and XML config file telling the driver to use one of the two possible calls to either apple.kernel OR com.apple.kpi.... Or, there may be an environemental variable/XML file (kext?) that is listing two libraries and you need to list only one or set the "style"... At what point does this error occur? Can you run a terminal (unix window) OR does leopard run at all? these are total guesses as i havent yet installed leopard (cuz i dont have a computer for it yet but i have done a lot of programming. Anybody else successfully runnig leopard on an hp 6000 or hp9000 wanna chime in?
  6. I was looking at buying an hp9700t with dual hds. Does anyone see a problem with installing xp on one hard drive and osx on the other, and adjust bios prior to booting as to which hard drive to use? Or is a standard dual OS better? And are there other big issues with and hp pavilion 9700t (the hp thread seems a bit inactive)? Thanks in advance!!
  7. iwish

    hp dv6000t laptop

    Hi, i was looking at buying an hp9700t with dual hds. I was hoping to install xp on one hard drive and osx on the other, and just adjust bios prior to booting as to which hard drive to use. Does anyone see a problem with this dual hd approach? Are there other big issues to be aware of? Thanks in advance!!
  8. When you say "reason tends to stop playing", is that a core overload? Ive heard of that with logic 8 on leopard but not reason 4. I wonder if osx86 leopard on the same hardware as a macbook pro is as stable and high performing for a given program not accessing any peripherals... It would seem strange osx86 runs the program 90% as well as a macbook without accessing any unsupported hardware and then dumps for no obvious reason, so maybe the performance is the same as a macbook, any thoughts?
  9. Thats awesome news, thanks guys!! As to hardware/leopard build: Impulsion, which sony vaio are you using? Id like to go down the intel/laptop route. From some of your posts it looks like most leopard issues are resolved? Are your solutions specific to the sony or most likely would work on similarly configured dell or hp? alfredo456, what platform are you using, some sort of amd? And thanks Satan, the opiplex is a good backup if i go desktop. Thanks again for you help! Nice to see musicians on the cutting edge:)
  10. Can leopard on a pc run demanding programs like LOGIC 8, Reason 4, Pro tools, Ableton Live!, or GarageBand? Many thanks in advance for any and all responses! These music programs are demanding and require audio and usb to be working perfectly. Midi keyboards and external soundcards are often connected via usb and communicate through loaded drivers. macbooks w/2gb ram can run this software and it would be great to get it running on a laptop. Has anybody done this already? Or any thoughts on whether/what pc platform could support these programs? The best would be to run these programs on a laptop. Or is the porting of leopard to the pc platform not quite up to this grueling test just yet? Again, many thanks in advance for any and all responses!
  11. iwish

    Leopard Perfect Install

    QUICK QUESTION: Can the hackintosh run demanding programs like LOGIC 8, Reason 4, and Pro tools music studios on a pc desktop or preferably laptop? I can do without wifi, onboard camera, etc, but must have stable audio, attach a midi keyboard and external sound card via usb. ONE MORE THING: If this is doable, i checked the hcl and cant tell which hardware is the most stable/compatible. Was hoping to run this on an hp, dell or other laptop or might consider building a desktop something like tainted_c0bra who has an m-audio keyboard hooked up and most stuff working... Any direction on the most compatible hardware other than the obvious stuff.