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  1. 10.4.1 Ok?

    Hey after many attempts to get osx86 working on my HP Pavilion ZV5202 It just won't het past the IOPCCard error. I have done lots of research and come to the conclusion that the only version of osx that will get past this error is 10.4.1. Now, my question is... Are there any downfalls to not having a newer version of osx? And does the wifi work in 10.4.1. I have a regular pc running 10.4.5 no problem, wifi and all, but i just can't get it working on my laptop. Please help me...
  2. Overclock Celeron D

    Ummm, just wondering how it went? Did it work? Just let me know. Thanks!
  3. Overclock Celeron D

    You need to look on your motherboard for the clock. It is usually made by ICS. I think...
  4. How to mount windows shares permanent?

    Yea, I was wondering that too. The first time I booted into osx, my windows drive showed up. Now it's gone without a trace. Please, help us... --> lol, j/p
  5. Quick Question

    I am currently running my 2.8Ghz Celeron D @ 3.5Ghz on stock cooling. I have been able to push 3.9Ghz from it, but it freezes after about 30 seconds. So my question is... Has anyone been able to hit 4Ghz on an Intel celeron? The reason i'm wondering is because if I can touch that 4Ghz mark, then I will be going liquid cooled soon. If not, then I will stay at my 3.5Ghz on stock cooling. Thanks in advanced.... P.S. I clocked my cpu in xp @ 3.5 Ghz. When I bring it back down to normal speed (2.8 Ghz) in osx, it reads as 3.06 Ghz. I wonder if I can make it read @ above 4Ghz on my cpu in OSX. OH YEAAAAAA BABY, IT'S EXPERIMENT TIME!!! Later peeps! When I get home from work tomorrow, I will post screenies of my work. Ciao!
  6. Overclock Celeron D

    Sup man? I have a celeron D and let me tell you. It is by far the best cpu to overclock. I have the 2.8Ghz cele and atm i'm running @ a bleeding fast 3.5Ghz. I was once told that a Intel branded motherboard is the hardest to overclock because they have no options what so ever. They were wrong. What you need to do is take a good look at your motherboard and manual. What you need to find is the the clock multiplier (i think that's what it's called)... it usually is made by ICS. Then you need to get an app called Clockgen. It is a windows app, so unless you have windows or are running darwine, you aren't running it. Next step is actually harder than the rest. Find the correct number in the pull-down menu. If you use the wrong number you can either cause mass damage to your fsb, or you will just freeze your computer. Either way, be carefull. Then use the fine tuning option to jump the fsb higher and higher untill you are afraid that your cpu is going to grow a hand and slap you. Then there ya go. The easiest way to overclock your motherboard. And remember, keep your cpu cool otherwise you'll burn it up. I can run mine @ 3.9Ghz, but i'm still on stock cooling, so my computer overheats and freezes. Well, I hope I helped you out. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Man! You rule. Hmmm what else can I do to make x86 better... LOL
  8. SABR: You are the best.... i don't quite know what hapened before, but after I re-installed, I just switched my boot drive in my bios and guess what.... I'm typing this from safari! I have a D-Link wireless card and it works flawlessly. Now I just need to get rid of that annoyng boot with all the text. I cant wait to get my laptop repaired so I can put osx on that too. rock on!
  9. Bingo... This is what I missed, i think... But if I cant see the mac osx hdd in xp, how do I obtain the chain0?
  10. Does Boot Camp works only on Duo Core cpus ?

    Boot Camp is for the intel mac introduced by apple. You cannot use boot camp on a hackintosh, so to answer you question, no and no. The main reason we cant use boot camp is because 99.9%of us don't have a tru EFI motherboad. Cheers!
  11. I got the myz iso. I am starting to see what is happening. After I rebooted, i can't see the osx hdd in xp anymore. But when I boot to the osx hdd, it just sits there with the blinking _. lol I'm re-installing right now. And one last thing, you are awsome for helping everyone out with their installations. Cheers!
  12. Ok, i don't get this. After the install went all fine, i went to go check if the data had been written to the hdd, and guess what. There was nothing. I followed the tut exactly, and I even heard the harddrive that I was installing it onto. (It's an older hdd that i just put into my computer to have osx.) when it goes to boot from that hdd, it just sits there with one of these... _ So idk what is happening. i'm going to try it again. Bye.
  13. Sorry i haven't gotten back to you. Thanks for the info! But i'm still not done dl'in osx yet. My parents keep freaking out that I have my computer on all the time. (Damn 10 year old CRT).
  14. I have a quick question. When you have to choose where to put the three files when making a new machine, can I just delete them after i install osx? Thanks!