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  1. Running Doom 3

    two suggestions: 1.) have you thought about trying to emulate a windows environment for games? because one of the reasons the MAC games arn't working is because they expect the proccy to behave like a power pc, not an x86 2.) have you ever thought about NOT buying a motherboard with (detested by real gamers) INTEGRATED GRAPHICS, and springing for a reasonable graphics card? (x600/x700 pro)
  2. I'm betting that WoW will comtinue to work on osx. If your fps is low, try buying a new mac, or springing for a good pc.
  3. I wouldn't buy a standalone osx, because I don't really like the "feel" of osx, and I'm happy enough with windows.
  4. How can Apple make gaming better?

    faster/better/more upgradable hardware. simply put, alot of gamers are put off by macs for many reasons. here are a few: 1.) The hardware on macs is not as upgradeable, because the hardware to upgrade with is more limited than pc's. 2.) Some gamers like to build their own machines, and with macs, this is not currently practical. 3.) The whole "homie don't right click" thing, most of the pc gamers I know, myself included, are turned off by the whole simple, single button, point & click interface of macs (yes I know you can use multi button mice with macs, but who would ever think to use non-official Apple products ?) 4.) Cost. for 2k you can get a good gaming x86 pc, but thats where the powermac starts. 5.) Number of games supporting the os there are five reasons many "gamers" choose not to go mac, I'm not sure if everythink I listed is still the case, but it has been in the past. personally, I have never "gamed" on a Mac (Except , nor do I plan to anytime soon... The limited selection of games, and limited placed to buy them them (I have only EVER seen mac games in Micro Center and online) make me not want to even bother trying. besides, thats why I've got x86 pc's.
  5. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    g5 dual 2 Ghz, 512 mb ram, ?dvd drive, ?gb maxtor drive still not sure about all the exact specs but I do know that it is the newer revision that has 4 ram slots, and not 8 like previous revisions which kinda sucks.