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  1. Clover General discussion

    Hi , Attached files as requested. I am on legacy bios, install clover in esp and partition formatted as apfs. Regards list.zip
  2. Clover General discussion

    Hi, clover 4392 fails to install into ESP partition since updating to 10.13.4 beta 1. Earlier working fine. just reporting.
  3. Hi, Could someone please upload the vanilla AppleHDA.text from 10.13.3beta5 please. Also has apfs has changed for this version or its same as before? Thanks on advance.
  4. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Could someone post the vanilla Applehda.kext from 10.13.2 please!! thanks
  5. could some one please post the vanilla AppleHDA.kext from 10.13.2 Beta 2 (17C67b). Thanks
  6. on 10.13.1 (17B48) , still not getting 10.13.2 beta, Here I am getting 10.13.1 dev beta over it . Why so?
  7. @mnfesq Sorry to report that this changes nothing, yeah the slider is already there but does nothing. Also with the use of kext in L/E, I can change levels of brightness with slider, so full control, but with every reboot it gets set to maximum brightness. My acpibaclight.kext was working till 10.11.6, but with Sierra I lost control of brightness, the slider was always there. May be something to do with introduction of night light feature. Thanks for the effort though, If you can try something else please do. Regards
  8. Thanks. mnfesq, here's my PNLF BCL and BCM methods are also there, Also attached is the whole dsdt ,please take look if the data from PNLF is incomplete. Hope you can fix it. Thanks Device (PNLF) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002")) // _HID: Hardware ID Name (_CID, "backlight") // _CID: Compatible ID Name (_UID, 0x0A) // _UID: Unique ID Name (_STA, 0x0B) // _STA: Status } Method (ITOS, 1, NotSerialized) { Store (Buffer (0x06) { " " }, Local0) Store (Buffer (0x11) { "0123456789ABCDEF" }, Local7) Store (0x05, Local1) Store (Zero, Local2) While (Local1) { Decrement (Local1) And (ShiftRight (Arg0, ShiftLeft (Local1, 0x02)), 0x0F, Local4) GBFE (Local7, Local4, RefOf (Local5)) PBFE (Local0, Local2, Local5) Increment (Local2) } Store (Zero, Index (Local0, Local2)) Return (Local0) } } **************************************************************************************************************** AND THE BCM, BCL METHODS ARE LIKE SO. Method (_BCL, 0, NotSerialized) // _BCL: Brightness Control Levels { If (IGDS) { Return (BCLT) } Else { Return (BCLT) } } Method (_BCM, 1, NotSerialized) // _BCM: Brightness Control Method { If (ECON) { SBCM (Arg0) } } Method (_BQC, 0, NotSerialized) // _BQC: Brightness Query Current { If (ECON) { Return (GBQC ()) } Else { Return (GBQC ()) } } Method (GBQC, 0, NotSerialized) { Store (Zero, Local0) Store (^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL, Local1) While (LLess (Local0, 0x0B)) { If (IGDS) { If (LEqual (LCDD, 0x22ECAF06)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL8, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x1680AF0D)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL9, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x021BE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLB, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x026AE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLC, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x3651A34C)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLD, Local0)), Local2) } Else { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLD, Local0)), Local2) } } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x22ECAF06)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL1, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x1680AF0D)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL2, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x021BE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL3, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x109EAF06)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL4, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x0226E430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL5, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x1711AF0D)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL6, Local0)), Local2) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x3651A34C)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLA, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x026AE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLE, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } Else { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL7, Local0)), Local2) } If (LEqual (Local1, Local2)) { Add (Local0, 0x02, Local2) If (IGDS) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLT, Local2)), Local3) } Else { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLT, Local2)), Local3) } Store (0x0B, Local0) } Increment (Local0) } Return (Local3) } Method (SBCM, 1, NotSerialized) { Store (Zero, Local0) While (LLess (Local0, 0x0B)) { Add (Local0, 0x02, Local1) If (IGDS) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLT, Local1)), Local2) } Else { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLT, Local1)), Local2) } If (LEqual (Arg0, Local2)) { If (IGDS) { If (LEqual (LCDD, 0x22ECAF06)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL8, Local0)), DPBL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x1680AF0D)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL9, Local0)), DPBL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x021BE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLB, Local0)), DPBL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x026AE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLC, Local0)), DPBL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x3651A34C)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLD, Local0)), DPBL) } Else { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLD, Local0)), DPBL) } Store (DPBL, ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) AINT (One, DPBL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x22ECAF06)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL1, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x1680AF0D)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL2, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x021BE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL3, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x109EAF06)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL4, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x0226E430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL5, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x1711AF0D)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL6, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x3651A34C)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLA, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } ElseIf (LEqual (LCDD, 0x026AE430)) { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCLE, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } Else { Store (DerefOf (Index (BCL7, Local0)), ^^^LPCB.EC0.BRTL) } Store (0x0B, Local0) } Increment (Local0) } } } MACQDSDT.zip
  9. @chris1111 that seems fro intel hd graphics, I have an older discrete Nvidia gt 320 card. How do I do it.
  10. @mnfesq, chris1111 with the kext you provided , I also get a kernel panic and restart with the kext in clover/kext/10.13 but with kext in L/E, I am also able to have a working brightness slider and proper sleep. But I have a different issue, every time I boot the brightness is set to maximum and I have to manually reset to the level I want, so please suggest how I can I make the decided brightness level set for all boots. I am on legacy bios with clover installed to ESP with drive formatted with apfs. Regards.
  11. So if I have ssdt like SSDT-1x.aml to 4x and SSDT-0, I leave all the x ones and put yne 0 one in gui cloverconfigurator by drag and drop. Is that it?
  12. griftopia How do I add them all to config.plist,thats what I am asking.
  13. again need "Other" folder in Clover/Kexts to boot. Without it stuck at kext stall @ACPIIPU
  14. can you explain what you mean by this highlighted part, how you did this? and then added them in the list in config.plist
  15. Clover General discussion

    On legacy EFI with clover installed to ESP. Now 10.13.1 boots with only 10.13 in Clover/Kexts/10.13. Others folder not needed as was happening with earlier clover versions. Tripple booting from one disk and macOS installed on APFS volume on a HDD. Just reporting