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  1. Hi guys, The same thing happens with this update as well, I get the update but it does not show up on clover boot screen to install the update and then when I boot into my install the update is offered again. Also could any one post the pre-linked kernel from 10.15.6 beta 2 install. Any suggestions Thanks
  2. Automatic, but after reboot , I did not get the boot from macos Catalina install option on the clover boot screen, but only the my Catalina.
  3. Hi, Guys, Has the update been released for all?!!! I don't get the update, if i change the plist version in 10.15.5 f101, I do get it in the software update pane and downloads fully, but on restart , no boot from macos install option and if i boot back into Catalina I get the update again in software update. With no change in plist , no update found. So what gives? Any suggestions?
  4. @Chris1111, Asentientbot , others Anyone got this to boot with legacy NVIDIA cards . Fro me after update download and install and after the first reboot from install macos from macos Catalina data it panics immediately which shows something like Panic memory stack overflow, starting system mach reboot. Like immediately after apfs driver loading , does clover need modification. But I can boot into the 10.15.3 install from here and then reapplying the update leads to same. Asentientbot and other have reported success , but on macs , any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Hi, Make a uefi windows 10 installer USB using Rufus, and then using Clover boot from it and then install as usual, you can format the windows partition and do a fresh install if its partitioned as GPT then other installs would not be touched with a fresh uefi install using clover.
  6. Hi, No issue opening the Energy Saver PrefPane in my system as well. Specs in sig
  7. Works on my non metal oldie as the GM. Thanks to asentientbot
  8. macq

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Hi, was able to rebuild permissions and the boot into the b8 with legacy patching. But I have a new problem now, My azurewave broadcom 4352 wi fi does not work now. Booting into dp7 , the wifi works fine, I use the same clover folder for boot boots on separate disks. Any suggestions please. Thanks
  9. macq

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Where is Link to your b8 package ,its not updated on your github
  10. macq

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Being asked to show light to a sun , but here it goes, My disk is labelled Catalina touch /Volumes/Catalina/System/Library/Extensions/ && kextcache -u /Volumes/Catalina
  11. macq

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    install dp8 as usual, clover 5080, Install all NVIDIA kexts as per asentient fixes, then boot to a separate install of dp7 and replace the required asentientbot frameworks/patches from there, boot to recovery of dp8 and then rebuild kernel cache. I am able to reach the login screen but then no keyboard and trackpad. Fiddling around with this, once tried your dp7 patcher following this and had to rebuild caches and reached the desktop working but with subsequent reboot, kernel panics started.
  12. macq

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    @chris1111, Install and boot works OK but after patching for legacy nvidia things break down. I was able to reach the boot, after a fresh install using files from the dosdude patcher that now have the latest framework patches from Asentientbot. But the result is patchy, occasionally the track pad does not work, at times panics to restart. I don't use the patcher itself but files from it.
  13. macq

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    @chris1111, sherlocks, Same here, I get error kernel cache, will sleep to restart in 10 sec on booting, a fresh install of beta 8 using dosdude's files for manual legacy video patch and cannot remove and rebuild kernel cache using recovery. Any new workaround for graphics . Specs in sig.' TIA
  14. @mnfesq Hi, Sorry too much experimenting on my side, yes there was another version of acidentheras kext in S/L/E. cleared all. Installed acidentheras in CLOVER/KEXT/OTHER. io reg attached, I have the preference pane and the requisite options are ticked, but still only can drag and drop and I do not have ."2 finger scroll and 2 finger doubletap for right click". Both seem to be missing inspite of options ticked.. The cursor is fidgety as can be seen in the screenshot even with tracking set to minimum. Also the physical click buttons also do not respond for click and right click. Anything I can do get scrolling and right click on double tap. to TIA x’s MacBook Pro.zip
  15. @mnfesq, attached is my ioreg using the Acidenthera kext. With this I can drag and drop but then I loose the ability of , "2 finger scroll and 2 finger double tap for right click". Also system pref pane says no trackpad found. With the rehabman kext its the other way round and I cant drag and drop using trackpad but can do so using a usb mouse. X’s MacBook Pro.zip