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  1. Hi, First of all, thank you for your work and maintaining this guide. I am new to hackintosh and following your instructions I was immediately successful in installing macOS 10.13.4 on my T460s. I am really happy... I have a couple of small issues/questions and wonder if anyone has an idea about that: 1) Display: - I was able to enable HiDPI on the internal Display thanks to SwitchResX. The result is amazing, I like it. But I was unable to use an external 4K Monitor connected via miniDP. It woks, but not in HiDPI. Is that possible? - After reboot, the screen brightness is always reset to 100%. 2) TrackPad: I started with the 2018.04.04 pack. I have also noticed that with newer packs the TrackPad performance is worse. Changing the BogusDeltaThreshX and Y values to 800 does not reach the performance level of the 2018.04.04 version. However, using 04.04 VoodooPS2Controller.kext, 3-finger swipe is mapped to Command+] instead of Ctrl+->. This is fixed in 04.24. Is there a way to fix 3-finger swipe mapping in 04.04 VoodooPS2Controller.kext? Thank you all!