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    robi62 reacted to mfc88 in Can't get iMessage/FaceTime to work   
    Those b*stards (tonymac) took down my in-depth iMessage guide, then banned me. I guess they didn't like the fact that I was actually supporting my guide and sharing knowledge.   
    1. Go to System Settings->iCloud->Account Details->Devices tab and click and remove all unused/non-working devices (keep everything but your iPhone) by clicking on each device, and then clicking the "Remove from Account" button:

    Note: Some may not give you the option to remove it:

    So you'll have to go www.icloud.com->Sign in->Go to Settings-> Underneath "My devices" click on any of the devices. A box will pop up and it'll showcase the ones you weren't able to remove. Click on them and then click the Blue "X" to remove them.

    2. Once done, sign out of iCloud (from system settings and icloud.com).

    3. In System Preferences, go to "Internet Accounts" and remove ALL accounts

    Now, if you were to go back to iCloud (via System Preferences), it should be empty:

    4. Then download my iMessageTool and run it (follow link instructions on how to run it), and then type "dic" in the terminal prompt, hit enter:

    Then type "y", and hit enter to reboot:

    5. Boot back into Mac OS, mount your EFI via Clover Configurator:

    Once mounted, click the config.plist icon below:

    Go to the SMBIOS tab, click the magic wand icon:

    Then click one of the SMBIOS that best matches your CPU (click for CPU list):

    After you've selected a SMBIOS, click the "Shake" button for both fields, then hit OK:

    Now you'll have a SMBIOS and Serial Number:

    6. Then, in your config.plist, click the RT Variables tab, and you'll want to add these two values:

    7. Run my iMessageTool again, but this time type "idgen" and enter:


    8. Copy one of the generated IDs (XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX) and then paste it into config.plist->SMBIOS->"SmUUID" box:

    9. Save the config.plist and then restart your computer.
    10. Boot back into Mac OS, mount your EFI, and open your config.plist again
    11.  Run my iMessageTool again, but this time type "macgen" and enter:


    12. Then copy the generated MLB serial number and paste it into the config.plist->SMBIOS->"Board Serial Number" box:

    13. Save the config.plist and restart your computer.
    14. Boot back into Mac OS. Now go to System Settings->iCloud, and sign in with your credentials.
    (If you get a Two-Factor Authentication dialog box first, I'd recommend skipping it, otherwise, you'll get thousands of "signed in" emails and tons more requests asking for your password).
    Select "Not Now" and "Don't Upgrade":

    The following box should appear after you've signed in, click Next:

    15. You should get several dialog (or one) box(es) with hopefully one of them asking you to setup Keychain, if not, check it, then sign in:

    Click "Request Approval":

    The next dialog box should appear, LEAVE IT OPEN, do not click OK:

    16. Instead, unlock your iPhone. Then, you should immediately get a password prompt. Input your password and it'll say something like "Your iPhone is now sharing messages".
    17. If not, go to your iPhone settings->Messages:

    Then, Text Message Forwarding: 

    Then make sure your hackintosh device shows up in the list and the slider is over to the right (green).

    18. By now, the "OK" message on your hack should have disappeared on it's own.
    19. Load up iMessage and wait about 5-10 seconds. A dialog box should appear about setting up messages with your iPhone:

    Then this dialog box will appear:

    20. Go to your iPhone, it'll now ask to input those 6 digits. Input them, and you should be good to go.
    21. To test if it works, send a message to a friend or family member (not to yourself as that may have false-positive results):

    *Special Notes:                                       *
    - Your iPhone must be running IOS 8.01+, otherwise Apple's "Continuity" (device sharing across platforms) will not work.
    - Please note that your device MUST be recognized in your iPhone's Text Message Forwarding list. Otherwise, iMessage will be broken. Try resetting the keychain password from your iPhone, remove caches/internet accounts from your hack, reboot the hack device, then pair the devices again via Keychain (System Preferences).
    - Recommended that the SSD/HDD in-use is solely dedicated for Mac OS and not used for a multi OS boot setup!
    If, after all the steps above, you get something like this, then Apple is potentially blocking your email address from using iMessage/Facetime or the MLB serial you've generated is not producing a good result:

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    robi62 reacted to FredWst in Clover Themes   
    Here a little command line to convert icons to png.
    Copy icons file into directory icons, output files will be in directory png after launch ./icns2png
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    robi62 reacted to gpatpandp in OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400   
    Just a follow-up to my post/instructions on the previous page(s) of this very same thread.   Everything as I have explained/offered remains golden as far as the Dell Latitude E6400 and now OS X 10.10 Yosemite Final.   Including a pic for all those so called expert "know it all - know nothing" advisors who ignorantly told me this would not even be possible when I originally had questions and sought help.   Then when I figured it out myself, these same individuals continued to doubt me swearing I would NEVER make it to the final Yosemite version.   Who is laughing now ?

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    robi62 got a reaction from ryman in [Success] HP ProBook 4x30s 4x40s   
    Working fine too on my pro book 4430s
    Did not use my hack just copied my extra folder from ml
    Replaced applesmartbattery manager kext with one from ml apple hda kext removed dsdt patch for atheros wifi and edited atheros 40 plugin for my wifi card
    Works really good