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  1. Big question as far as I’m concerned is whether we’ll see interface performance improvements on-par with what I’ve been seeing on native Mac hardware with Apple-tested Metal support. I believe Metal support was added in NVIDIA’s Web Drivers a little while ago, but I wonder if that’ll be the stumbling block in seeing new beta drivers for these developer previews.
  2. Is anyone else having strangely inverted colors on the latest NVIDIA Web Driver on macOS Sierra Developer Beta 6? I’m running a GTX 960 4GB in a MacPro4,1 that’s been flashed to a 5,1 (but still running 2x quad-core Xeons, haven’t swapped out for new CPUs or RAM yet). Any idea what’s going on/how to fix? EDIT: Upon further consideration, it looks like just the R and B channels are flipped; G is still correct. And, if I click on messages in Mail, I see the colors flip to normal in a message briefly before the message changes to the next one. VERY strange.