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  1. Look similar, but i guess you are willing to try?? Why not, if it shows up that it's better than my wind I'll follow
  2. Simply remove the screws, then gently slide a credit card (or other type of card) on the side and lift up! If you start from the back and go clockwise you won't have problems with the bottom case http://www.laptopmag.com/advice/how-to/msi-wind-ram.aspx The WiFi card is held with one screw, 1 Unscrew it, 2 Pull out the wifi module horizontally 3 Put a piece of tape on the bottom screw holder (in order not to have contact that could damage the new card) 4 Then replace with your brand new card (mine is Dell 1490) 5 I did not tighten the screw that hard, but it is secure now. Seriously it is not that hard, be gentle, and everything will be fine, you'll have the best Netbook ever under OSX! Later
  3. Just did it I wasn't sure because I've read people had troubles. Work like a charm, Seen as Airport but Third Party wireless in pref system. Works perfectly
  4. I'm waiting for it in the mail, I hope it will arrive tomorrow. I'll post back once I get it, I just hope it's a V04 (the last revision i beleive) EDIT: I've got it this morning, opened the lil' one install the RAM and the wifi, (put some tape) worked as advertised!!! Rev .05
  5. Hi, I'd like to share my first impression after 10 days of use of my Wind under OSX. Pros: Slick little toy OSX reactive and smooth small form factor lightweight Every software are working it's just great Cons: No wifi (waiting for my dell 1490) No mic Weird Bluetooth behavior for some reason I can't pair correctly my SE HBH-35 (I was thinking about working my way around for skype with the headset but no...) Sometimes my USB drives (1TB WD and 500Gb WD) are not mounting. Even if they are plugged before boot. Can't get the "two finger" trackpad to work... Last thing, when i'll get my mini pcie Dell, will I have to reinstall special drivers or can I use pacifist to extract the one from MSIWINDOSX86?? I'm running short on time as I'm leaving Europe and I'd like to avoid a complete re-install Overall I'm quite satisfied with this, but still lack few features (I sold my iMac Alu 2,4 so it's quite a shock for me) Cheers Regarding the GMA950 and 1920x1200 I doubt it, might be too much for the few megs available to handle...
  6. Nop haven't tried it on akoya I've got a wind, if you want Terminal, go to Applications/Utilities/Terminal cheers
  7. So I've finally gathered everything I think!! - Msi Wind OK - MsiWindosx86.iso OK - 1 extra Gig of DDR 667 OK - Dell 1490 Mini PCIe OK - Switched house and alt OK - Apple Sticker on the back of the screen OK Am I missing something before I OSX it?
  8. HI everyone, I can't get to update the BIOS. My wind is 105 and I have the 106 from MSI website, made a USB stick bootable, but the Bios.exe tells me that it can't read any valid BIOS or something weird like that. Any hints? Edit: Nevermind it suddenly work. Waiting for dell now
  9. I got it on ebay, I also heard that there is a mini pcie wifi card b/g/N can't remember which one tho.
  10. Thanks for the info, I'm installing Windows to update the BIOS and the webcam, i'll stick to it for couple of days. Then i'll add 1Gb and the dell card 1490. And after i'll OSX it. (my connection is so slooooooow here that I have to wait few days in order to have the msiwindosx86.iso) I have Leo4All 10.5.2 on a DVD already but I don't know if I want to have the same kind of issues I had installing it on my former box. Plus the new iso will have 10.5.4 already so i won't bother doing a risky upgrade. thanks for the info
  11. Hi Guys, just got my wind few hours ago. I tried the Suse Linux, not crazy about it... So the BIOS is not updated nor the camera, so i think i'll have to install windows to update everything correctly then i'll OSx it. Do you have another way to do that without windows?? Cuz it's a pain for me to install windows. Cheers (First thing I did, was sticking a white apple sticker on the back of the screen!)
  12. Le futur MSI Wind compatible avec Leopard?

    c'est clair que le blanc... Perso j'ai fait une croix dessus pour cette couleur, sinon il y a du rose de dispo un peu partout! Au pire j'ai un pot de 20 litres de blanc satiné que j'ai utilisé pour repeindre mon apart!
  13. Dude On the bay you can find a distro made for these lovely little laptops. msiwindosx86 is the right name... Good Luck
  14. Le futur MSI Wind compatible avec Leopard?

    Un peu de motive et pour moins de 500 euros tu as un netbook qui fonctionne avec le Wind. Il me semble que la veille marche, avec clamshell mais je peu me tromper.
  15. Le futur MSI Wind compatible avec Leopard?

    Salut, le miens à été commander hier chez Cybertek vers Bordeaux, j'ai trouver ce magasin en trainant sur le site de MSI en tant que revendeur agrée. Il arrive demain. Il me semble que j'ai eu le dernier Noir. Les réapro de Wind seront vers le 10-15 Aout je crois un peu partout! J'ai commander un mini pci e Dell pour "le wifi sans soucis" et j'ai un 1Go de RAM en rab qui traine! Donc j'aurais un bon petit netbook! Je vous ferrais part de mon install ASAP. Sans doute demain... Bon courage à ceux qui cherche encore!