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  1. Hi all! Sorry for my english, it's not my native language. Could you help me a little, please. I have Macbook Pro late 2011 /Intel 6 series chipset/. I installed Windows 7 x64 on SSD /Crucial MX200 500Gb/, and OS X El Capitan is on the same SSD. Windows 7 running in IDE mode. Please, write me short instruction, what should i do for get AHCI mode. Step by step... understand english is difficult for me P. S. AHCI enabler says "Unsupported chipset" /Intel 6 series chipset/ After use this manual http://www.adminsehow.com/2012/10/how-to-enable-ahci-support-for-windows-on-an-imac-macbook-or-etc/ i have black screen and blinking I_, that's all. In the terminal a see "not mounted". How can i mount it back? Thank you very very much for any help