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  1. Hanging Startup after new install

    Try booting with the -x flag (safe mode). If this doesn't work then install the Kalyway DVD with none of the audio/video drivers. I had a very similar problem (freezing at the apple logo screen) and it turns out the graphics drivers were to blame. Hope this can help you out.
  2. Try booting up in safe mode (typing "-x" at the startup prompt). If this works, then there might be a driver problem. Install Kalyway without any of the audio/video/network drivers. I had this problem as well and it turns out it was the graphics drivers that Kalyway installed that were causing the problem. If your computer doesn't start up in safe mode, try booting with the option "cpus=1". If this method works, then your BIOS settings may be the problem. Try changing the CPU settings in BIOS until you can get it to start correctly. I've had both of these issues when installing Kalyway. Hope this helps.
  3. X1600 Pro Mouse Tearing

    I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 about a week ago and have still not found a way to get QE/CI working without mouse tearing. My graphics card is an ASUS X1600 pro 256MB (Device ID 0x71c2). This is what I've tried so far: -Included Natit drivers on Kalyway disk cause my system to hang at boot (even with safe boot) -Natit ATI auto detect drivers (from here) and tearing is eliminated, but no QE/CI -Hex editing ATIRadeonX1000.kext, modifying ATINDRV.kext and ATIRadeonX1000.kext plists, and installing ATIinject.kext (as described in this guide) gets me QE/CI, but causes mouse tearing (stuck at 1024x768 as well) -Using the Natit ATI drivers with the method above has the same result I've searched all over these forums and I haven't found anything that works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.