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  1. El Capitan on VMWare

    Well if you are not using BeamoffTool on Yosemite it will be slow and as a result you will notice EC behaving much faster. As for me With or without CM Tools or BeamoffTool it's sluggish as some apps like tweetbot refuse to run for some reason. It could be because I did an upgrade install rather than a clean one. Who knows xD Anyway, I shall wait for either Beta 2 or for someone to figure out a few things.
  2. El Capitan on VMWare

    Thanks for the tip. This worked, but VM still seems to be sluggish and BeamoffTool trick seems to be broken, also as you pointed out, icon view, doesn't seem to work in Workstation, currently. Which only means that we should be patient until someone figures out a way to fix it. Much appreciated
  3. Hey guys, I upgraded my Yosemite VM to El Capitan, which made it slow, and I cannot upgrade VMWare Tools using Fusion 7.1.1 darwin.iso... And BeamTools.iso hack no longer works. My question is, and I know that 10.11 is still in beta and all. But I do have a dev account so it's for legit curiosity that am doing this. But is there a way to make EC faster ? I do have latest VMWare installed and VM has 16gb RAM and 4 cores allocated to it. I am on Windows 8.1 Pro x64... Thanks
  4. Gathering Info While Waiting 4 Yosemite

    Ok buddy, I will be on Skype or Hangouts you choose your poison and will be there whenever
  5. Stuck in Safe mode

    Yeah.... Check PM
  6. Stuck in Safe mode

    I did. I always use Chameleon. That's what I have been using so far. No luck. It\s either stuck on wheel of death or just boots in safe mode. I mean installation goes fine if I use -x cpus=1 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No. I create the USB Installer via myHack coz if I do the Chameleon only way it won't work goes to black screen no matter what flag I use. I will PM you my Skype ID if you can help there or know anyone who can. I have pulled on my hair so hard I think I lost a few. I am going crazy. I have this beast of a machine that I fail to Hackintosh it is so damn frustrating ! Whatever it takes I want to Hack it. I have tried guides from here, myHack, rampagedev and osx86 none are working, not even guide you linked me to which is exact board I got still no luck... I am at whit's end xD
  7. Stuck in Safe mode

    Like I said I did start from scratch. Also he doesn't specify what method to use to create usb. Anyway am about to give up. Starting from scratch gives me a kp. AppleACPIPlatformExpert failed. Finally am not getting how clover works it's complicated.
  8. Stuck in Safe mode

    I can boot in safe mode. Same with Installer. No regular mode. And I did try rampagedev tools n guides that's how I got to where I am now. What do I lose if I go legacy ? Can you help one on one ?
  9. Stuck in Safe mode

    What's dart if you don't mind me asking? Also my Bios is set to UEFI dunno if that matters. I tried legacy no change. dart=0 results in a black screen even if I set GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No My situation, I tried the guide here barely understood anything it's complicated for me. I use myHack coz it is automated. But after reading many forums seems that myHack is no longer ideal coz it uses Chameleon which is legacy only and I have UEFI so Clover is more for me. Only thing is Clover is twice more complicated than Chameleon due to its nature. I am now begging for someone knowledgeable in these matters to help me one on one. As reward I will try to compensate for your time! Thanks
  10. Stuck in Safe mode

    Hey there I have managed to install Mavericks onto my rig. But sadly I can only boot into the OS in safe mode plus the -x Kernel flag is stuck can't remove it. It's not in org.chameleonBoot.plist can't find it anywhere. If I want to boot normally I have to remove -x manually during boot. Not that normal boot is working gets stuck on Apple logo with spinning wheel of death. I tried verbose mode only thing I see is something related to bluetooth. I have tried all Kernel Flags known to man none work except safe mode. I have latest Chameleon and Installed all required Kexts and even SSDT for my specific motherboard. My build - GA-X79-UP4 Mobo (Latest Bios F7) - Core i7-3820 LGA2011 CPU - 32gb Kingston HyperX Beast 1600 RAM - nVidia 650Ti Boost OC GPU - Kingston HyperX 120gb SSD - Tons of regular Hard Drives I do not know what to do. Please help !
  11. Gathering Info While Waiting 4 Yosemite

    Hello, Thank you for the detailed explanation buddy. But I have never used Clover before. I am testing it with Mavericks now on that X79 rig of mine. Still in the creating USB part as we speak. It's taking forever no idea why. Also I will be using an old Transcend SSD 128gb. As for Trim I have no idea what it is as I have never used it. I have gone through the AIO Guide here. I cannot understand much since I have been a myHack user since its early days. I will keep testing but that requires more time than I got. I need someone to guide me through in person via Skype or any IM since it's faster and might require much less time. Anyways will keep trying within the limited time I got. In case all fails I will have no choice but to give up although I really need to move away from Windows because am sick of it and no longer game. If anyone here can help via IM please let me know I am kinda desperate now... Thanks for your time
  12. Hey Hackintoshers. I am sorry if that's not the place to ask this. Mods feel free to move this to where it belongs if not. That said, I am trying to gather as much info as possible about my Hardware while waiting for Yosemite to be available in GM or Final. I already have an old machine running Mavericks with everything working except iMessage. Now on to my build : - GA-X79-UP4 Mobo (Latest Bios F7) - Core i7-3820 LGA2011 CPU - 32gb Kingston HyperX Beast 1600 RAM - nVidia 650Ti Boost OC GPU - Kingston HyperX 120gb SSD - Tons of regular Hard Drives I am planning on using Yosemite as my daily driver over Windows, simply because I love OSX but can't afford a real Mac. Will be using Parallels for any minor Windows tasks and Windows 8.1.1 on a separate Hard Drive that I will leave disconnected while using OSX. Just for security reasons. Now I usually wait for myHack to get updated as that tool always worked out of the box for me, but am seeing lots of reports that Clover is better for Yosemite than Chameleon. Finally I hope someone can help me get ready for Yosemite when it comes out as to what tools or Kexts I will need etc... Thanks guys, Stay awesome
  13. ASUS JMicron IDE Issue

    Like I said, literally every single one here and the net, HUNDREDS thus far xD
  14. ASUS JMicron IDE Issue

    Yes I have. I installed the ApplePCIIDE.kext from it to no avail xD
  15. Hey there guys.... I am having a serious issue here. I got the ASUS Maximus Extreme Motherboard from 2009 which has JMicron controller. I have an SSD connected to SATA and a normal HDD connected as IDE, tried all the ApplePCIIDE.kext I could find on the net and here. All I get is a message about HDD not compatible and that I have to initialize. When I do and go to partition it for use in Mavericks it gets stuck at waiting for HDD to reappear ? Please HELP !!!!