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  1. No - only in my fingers... Try it again
  2. Hi All - I have been fiddling with power management, laptop overheating and battery for a while on laptop hp pavilion dv1659us - a Centrino Core model with 945GM graphics etc: I am running 10.5.2 now and have put this kext together using hints from macgirl and around the forums. I have set fn=3 in my com.apple.Boot.plist - it seems to help, but not sure. the only thing I have done is removed stuff that kills my fans and set all the versions to be compatible. it cures my overheating laptop : I use the Kalyway 10.5.2 kernel ( Darwin 9.2.0) which gives me sleep and wake and shutdown I delete AppleFan.kext and AppleACPIThermal.kext and AppleCPUThermal - some of which appear in other Kexts - particularly inside old versions of AppleACPIPlatform.kext I have uploaded my package of AppleACPIPlatform.kext here It contains the following kexts, all setup for 10.5.2 (i.e. 1.2.1 as AppleACPIPlatform.kext) ACPIPS2Nub.kext (otherwise the mouse disappears and keyboard) AppleACPIButtons.kext (for power on off) AppleACPIEC.kext (vanilla) AppleACPIPCI.kext (vanilla) AppleACPIPowerSource.kext (from Iatkos with the version updated per Macgirl) AppleACPIPlatform.zip http://forum.insanelymac.com/style_images/...e_types/zip.gif If you install this with kext helper on a 10.5.2 system after installing the power management bundle, it gives you the battery icon - the only thing i don't get is the time calculation - it just runs calculating the whole time. It seems to work on vanilla or on the std Kalyway 10.5.2 kernel. I get sleep/wake and shutdown - but don't get speedstep - with speedstep I lose sleep. ( Key thing about this is it turns my fans on (or at least leaves it to the BIOS I believe) - otherwise I get terrible overheating. I use Broadcom card 4312 which I installed to replace my 3945 pci-e card - after wake it does not connect automatically, but there are loads of threads about how to do this As usual save a copy of your old version. Good luck http://forum.insanelymac.com/style_images/...icons/icon1.gif
  3. markw63

    Toshiba Satellite u300

    Hi there Saw your post re Realtek Lan driver - Have you tried a clean install, ticking no boxes (not vanilla and not SSE2) (welcome to the world of OSX) and just installing the network driver before any mouse drivers etc. I am unclear as to whether you have installed 8139 driver and kexts or the 8100 driver and kexts - they are different on the forum Genius bar.
  4. If its of interest my HP DV1659us works under 10.5.2 as follows Core 2 Centrino Duo - works Sleep and wake and shutdown(Full sleep, no lights, just odd flash on button) - using power management bundle and Iatkos 1.05 ACPIplatform) Full QE/CI Trackpad (but not tapping slide/scroll) USB Wireless (swapped out 3945 for HPs Broadcomm equivalent) and added in Airport Extreme Update to get it to work - perfect Fans cut in and out correctly. but not proper power management in the Speedstep sense- so battery life about an hour. Sound works (but only output). No PCMCIA or Card Reader. - But I don't use them DVD R/W works Ilife etc - all works when updated from Software Update I was wondering if there was a better setup, but haven't seen one (apart from a Macbook Pro). They all have flaws so far.
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    This is BRILLIANT. I have a dv1659us with kalyway 10.5.1, upgraded to 10.5.2. It has Centrino Core Duo and Intel 82945GM Graphics. Vanilla kernel, EFI with MBR, running alongside XP in the first partition OSX86 in the second. Wireless works using a HP Broadcom mini PCI-E with the Airport Extreme Update kexts loaded, not frameworks. Card Reader does not work. Nor does Ricoh Integrated Webcam Sleep did not work after 10.5.2 and I downloaded the two kexts above, then used kexthelper b7 (in the Kalyway release) to install them and then rebooted. Works perfectly. My sleep button now says 'Restart Sleep Cancel Shutdown' and I can restart from sleep. Works on Battery and AC. BUT I have to reconnect to Airport after Sleep. Any ideas on - Auto reconnect of Airport (I know this is really pushing the borders, as I don't know how a normal Mac behaves on this). I have not done pmset commands as it does not seem to need them: my pmset -g looks like this AC Power -1* Currently in use: sleep 10 displaysleep 10 autorestart 0 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage powerbutton 1 hibernatemode 3 womp 1 disksleep 10 ttyskeepawake 1 Its the same whether the power is on or not - so I don't have Battery Meters etc, which I would like to learn how to fix - another topic I know. Any thoughts on the pmset?
  6. Looks like you formatted one in HFS Journalled and the other in HFS or else some other mismatch - eg Case sensitive and not case sensitive. Use Disk Utility to get the exact match for the new partition you are erasing. Can't merge apples and oranges
  7. markw63

    Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    HP DV1659us Wireless fix I have a HP DV1659US, which I have dumped the 3945abg card mini PCI-E and replaced with a Broadcom - comes up with vendor 14e4, device 4312. It DID not work initially using Leopard 10.5.1, but it now does - typing this with it. I know the card was working as I got it running under Windows XP dual boot - so no hardware issues My answer was: Download the 2007 02 Extreme Airport support dmg http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/air...ate2007002.html from Apple site. Install it with Pacifist, as you can't install it since it says Not compatible - but you can tell Pacifist to install it. That then killed both ethernet and wireless. I then had to reinstall using Pacifist, the Leopard /System/Library/Private Frameworks/80211 Framework . Delete Extensions.mkext, restart with -f -v and it has now popped up and connected. It doesn't easily connect to WEP - you have to fiddle around with the keys on the Network Preferences , but it works. Very happy as I now have all working apart, native 10.5.1 Leopard. Just need some sound input.
  8. Philly Boy I installed this as a fix to the same Leopard issue but you have to be so so careful with the typing here. I downloaded the attachment to my desktop and then copied the PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext onto my desktop out of the zip file. Then you have to fill in /Users/YOURSHORTUSERNAMEGOESHERE/Desktop/PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext everywhere and the first time i missed the / at the end of "cp -R <path to>/PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/" Check every line twice on this but it does work - I guess you have deleted your AppleRTL8139Ethernet.kext and not copied in the new kext which has to replace it. Good luck - it does work
  9. I would try installing Kalyway from a clean start without the Natit drivers (ie just vanilla ACPI and the EFI GUID). Then you have a system with no hacks. Then use DiskUtility to save that image that somewhere - eg an external drive to save a lot of future pain if you have to reload/install. Then try installing the Natit Drivers you downloaded. If that doesn't work then back to the clean image you carefully backed up. And lots of googling on this forum to find some alternative Radeon drivers Good luck
  10. OK: The Kalyway 10.5.1 will install a bootloader for you: I have a windows XP partition and then a 8GB MAC partition and I can boot from either with no fiddling other than my original DVD install. Did you choose GUID and format GUID partition or did you choose MBR and format MBR in Disk utility on the DVD? If you choose MBR then you select the EFI MBR on Customise and it should all tick through If you formatted as GUID (which would have been the whole disk), you select EFI GUID There is no 3945abg driver - see Wireless in the Genius bar Good luck
  11. Some ideas - I have an HP dv 1000 so I know that HP runs OK normally. I use Kalyway 10.5.1 and the Customise to EFI_MBR and vanilla options: Suggest you use Disk Utility on DVD to format/erase set the Partion as Extended Journalled and MBR rather than VISTA - GUID does work, but MBR seems to work better. Don't set any drivers on install from DVD - Ie vanilla/ACPI if you have Core 2 system, and MBR on customise. Before any of that though - Quick test - when it says boot options put in -x which does not load kexts - see if it will safe boot. then try -x -egacy (32 bit mode) And I guess you are supposed to do these questions in Installation problems rather than Post Installation?
  12. markw63

    Wifi & Sound

    HI there Sound not working. Model: Realtek ALC861VD. Device ID: 0x17AA3802 2.- Wifi not working. Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Look at the Genius Bar tutorials - they are really helpful for sound. You may find a package or kext setup there. It may be you need to try reinstalling with different drivers loaded or use the Pacifist application to copy the drivers from the base DVD you installed from. 3945ABG don't work and is not likely as I have just ordered a replacement Broadcom from Ebay - which should work according to the forums Good luck - do a lot of googling on this forum and you will find answers - it's more of a DIY kit than an OS at present - but thats why it is fun.