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  1. Nope it still won't install :/ here is log before it restarts.. is it something wrong with the ssd?
  2. Now it can not get into the installer cause of this error :/ what should i do?
  3. Hmmm.. i format the hard disk before proceeding to install it for the second time.. I guess i should not format my hdd and proceed with installing mojave for the second time.. i will try it and write what happens..
  4. It won't.. that is the error that happens when u have formated your partition HFS+.. can't convert it and restarts... :/
  5. Here.. i saw there was problem with the apfs conversion.. i converted it but the pc still restarts. :/ i will post a log later..
  6. ok i found it and deleted it but i still have the same problem.. it restarts after 15 seconds.. :/
  7. by installing the Clover_v2.5k_r5091.pkg it inserted me one in the efi partition.. also when i open the config.plist i can't see a thing in devices... i really wonder what i am doing wrong? is my clover configurator bad?
  8. I don't know how 0_o can you explain me please? :/
  9. Tried with another usb memory stick and the same problem appears.. What should i try to make it right and install it.. :/
  10. Will give a try now.. Also i wonder where can i find mojave.app.. i have it in my pc downloaded from my macbook pro but i wounder if it is good and compatible for my desktop? What do you think?
  11. Ok thankyou for your advice.. I have done that with the SMBIOS and saved it.. But did not quite understand you well with UHD 630? How do i inject that? Also i removed the drivers that you told me.. The PC still restarts after 15 seconds of the installation process and after that it shows this (the attachment) when you start the partition where the mojave is installed.. What am doing wrong despite the other things hah? Is there something wrong with my installation i mean the mojave.app os? should i find a better app and try the same steps?
  12. Hi. guys. I wanted to ask you why i can not install Mojave on my pc.. I created the usb disk with the latest clover and it enters the installation setup.. but when it starts to install it after less then 15 seconds the computer restarts.. What can be the problem? The tutorial i followed is from this forum in the section tutorials but for the beta mojave - i guess its not a problem.. I downloaded the mojave os from the app store and created the disk with it.. Then installed clover.. I am attaching the efi folder so you can have a view and tell me what i can do in order to install the mojave os on my PC.. Thankyou in advance The PC configuration is MOBO: Gigabyte h270 gaming 3 CPU: Intel I7 7700K RAM: 16GB Kingstone GPU: sapphire vapor x r9 280x X2 SSD: Kingstone 240gb EFI.zip