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  1. Hey Guys, i've succesfully installed MAC OS X 10.5.6 . CI/QE working. But I've got a Problem with CrossOverGames. When i try to start Counter Strike 1.6, i only get a Black Screen but i hear the sounds of CS (i.e. exploding bombs and grenades and stuff like this). How can I fix this? Am i able to run Bootcamp on my Mac with the 123BOOT ?? regards
  2. pepsi3600

    iPC 10.5.6 PPF5 on Samsung Q35

    hi, i would prefer you to use ideneb v1.4 v10.5.6 ... i think is better choice for Samsung q35. pepsi
  3. pepsi3600

    Asus Laptop Owners

    hi, i have this ASUS u1f Notebook too, but with the same problems? (Vertical Lines after GMA 950 Driver) Do you fix this problem. Or solve it another one of the community? Thank You....
  4. pepsi3600

    Need help installing on Asus U1F laptop

    hello@all, my problem is altohough that the graphic card GMA 950 witch device id 0x27a2 didnt display anything, only colorful vertikal lines. If I delete AppleIntelGMA950*.kext and AppleIntelIntegrated.lext files then i can see osx but only with a resolution of 1024x768. The full Resolution of this 11,1" Display is 1366x768. Although other Problem is QUARTZ EXTREME cant be enabled. Wich driver for this notebook and this problem is the right one? Which Kexts i have to take to solve this problem? Thank You P.S. pepsi
  5. pepsi3600

    Auflösung und Helligkeit!?

    Hallo, hab auch das Asus U1f. Ich habe schon sämtliche GMA950 Treiber durch. Aber keins von den funktioniert. In der Regel bekomme ich einen blauen Bilschirm. Manchmal auch die bekannten bunten vertikalen Streifen. Welche Treiber hast du denn genommen? Wie hast du das hinbekommen? Hast du auch QE Enabled? Danke schon mal. pepsi