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  1. Where is Maxxuss?

    No, but we're still running Win2K (albeit with a nice cartoony overlay), and will be well into 2007. In fact, I be the majority of Wintel machines will still be running Win2k (as XP or 2003 or whatever) into 2010. (and... if you want to get REALLY technical, you'd use NT 3.5 as your arguent... which will still be able to log into most windows domains as a workstation well into 2015 and beyond. Not really as far-fetched as it looks at first glance)
  2. Darwin is dead.

    To my knowledge, OS-X has always been a proprietary operating system, hasn't it? Why do people, tech writers included, insist on confusing Darwin and OS-X?
  3. End The Whine Day - May 20th

    I can understand if Apple wants to ignore the problem and claim that everthing is within spec. I can understand that they are under no legal obligation to fix this problem. And I can understand that if this is how they decide to operate their company in 2006, then I won't be purchasing my planned 17" from them. You see, it has nothing to do with legal obligation at this point. Apple has set a standard in the past for excellently preforming hardware, and has been able to set a price-point to match. If they stop living up to that reputation, then they are going to lose sales. (mine, for one) The mass call on the 20th has nothing whatsoever to do with clogging up their tech support center. It's marketing. The press will get ahold of it, and the non-forum-heads out there will then be aware of both Apple's quality problems, and their refusal to acknowledge them. Sales go down. Stock price goes down. Bad for Apple. What's the solution? Live up to the reputation that these machine owners have already paid for, and not received. Or turn into Packard Bell. The ball is in their court, now.
  4. ATI Radeon 9550 working/funcionando on 10.4.3

    I used to use a little freeware program called PCI Extreme to do the hack that JJJJJ posted when I was running a Radeon 7000 PCI on a G4-upgraded B&W. The link is here: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/16006 I'm not sure, but this might work on OSX86... Heh... I'm surprised I didn't think of this before.
  5. Apple Introduces Intel Mac Mini

    Nevermind my ignorance above. Didn't realize that HT appears as 2 CPUs.
  6. Apple Introduces Intel Mac Mini

    Everyone should keep in mind that these new Minis are going to be priced a little higher until the old stock is sold out. It wouldn't make sense to take a loss on the G4 Minis just to get early sales on the intels. And is everyone sure that there aren't any core duo desktops out there yet? I'd be really surprised to find out that my new HP pizza-box at work isn't dual core. I'll need to look into it a little more (haven't had the free time), but I get two CPU graphs under task manager.
  7. Working MIDI keyboard?

    My M-Audio Keystation 49e works fine under 10.4.3, but conflicts with my Hercules 5.1 USB Sound. (luckily, my AC97 sound started working)
  8. ATI Radeon 9550 Question

    Thanks, guys. OpenGL was the lsat thing I needed to get working on my 9600. I never even thought of going into ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin. Now if someone could crack a decent framebuffer, I'd be all set.
  9. Apple Seeks (Poetic) Justice

    There once was a PC named Dell Whose life, it seemed destined for hell Then along came 'ol Maxxus With oodles of patches but my *%##%$ video card still doesn't work! Hmm... Maybe I didn't work hard enough on that finish.
  10. PCI Graphics Card

    I had an old Jaton nVidia Riva TNT2 32 meg that was recognized as VESA 3.0. I'd imagine that there are PCI versions of this old standby floating around. I didn't try any of my old Trident chipset cards, but I guess I should have, huh? Maybe if I find an hour tonight I'll try slapping some of those old-timers in my box and see what happens. But no promises. Just did a quick eBay search on "TNT2 PCI". You should be able to get something for ~$20 USD shipped. Avoid the 16 meg models.
  11. External Sound Card

    I found one of these: http://us.hercules.com/products/showpage.php?p=84&b=1&f=1 on eBay for $20. 5.1 out. Regular Mic in. Worked great under 10.4.1 and 10.4.3. Then I plugged my Keystation 49 keyboard in, and it doesn't seem to like the USB sound. Luckily, the update to 10.4.3 that made GarageBand work also made my AC97 on-board work. The Hercules card is a good one, and sounds great, even if it looks like a powermate on steroids. It just doesn't like my KB.
  12. Yes. It helped immensely just to have confirmation that the 9700 was the series to use. I've added my device ID, got QE and CI, re-flashed the BIOS because I don't and an LCD yet, and 60 hz was giving me a headache, popped Mousepose' on the system, and I'm set! Thank you so much answering my question. I'd gotten everything else I needed from countless other threads, but that one little piece was it. Woo-hoo!
  13. Kext Edit

    Another good GUI friendly tool to use is Text Wrangler. It's freeware. Go to Versiontracker and chek it out. Very easy to use, and package-aware.
  14. To anyone who can help: which series of files would be important for an ATI 9600se? the 9700 files?
  15. I'd say we're looking at a turning point in upgradability. True, lots of older macs were easy to upgrade. Easy when the upgrade busses were proprietary because there'd be only one or two companies making the upgrades (as a side note, how many of those companies went belly-up fir supporting us?), and slightly easier when Apple started adopting standards like PCI and AGP. The problem at the time, and I'd say the biggest headache, was that the middleware (BIOS) wasn't written with these busses in mind. They were all stapled on as an afterthought, and left most of the compatability up to the OS than to the hardware. USB was a pretty good step in the right direction, and actually ended up being more compatible on Macs than on Windows, because the standards for lots of types of devices were pre-defined. Generic keyboard/joypad/mouse/do-jobber? You'd have about about a 75% chance that MacOS and OS-X could handle at least it's most basic of functions. (and... sadly about a 95% chance that Windows couldn't use it at all without a driver.) So, now, with EFI acting as at least a partial (and greatly improved, totally upgradable) HCL, I think you are going to see alot more upgradability in Macs. Adopting and adhering to standards is the key, and I think that even in the Windows market, that lesson has been learned. I mean, there are only really two consumer grade video-driver sets for Windows these days. Nvidia and ATI. Compare that to 10 years ago, when each of 5 current chipsets from 10 differnt companies had different drivers, and you'd often have to find the specific release that your OEM used. Now, I'm not saying that everything is a perfect world, and I know that as soon as some hardware makers find that they get a 3-month competitive advantage out of "stretching" the EFI standards, some will take the quick money, but for the most part, I think the intel chips and EFI are going to pretty much level the playing-field for all-but the chintziest off-the-boat-from Taiwan upgrades. And isn't that a win-win?