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    Gigabyte P35-DS3L<br />XFX 8800GT 512mb<br />2x2gb Corsair XMS Ram<br />Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro Soundcard
  1. i found BootThink v2.4.4 at http://bit.ly/4TqTrk Have not tried it yet, so no promises. =) - Paul BootThink_w_e_2.4.4.exe
  2. Hmmmm - does that mean with AHCI enabled that there is only room for one SATA optical drive and one hard drive? i was planning on having 2 SATA hard drives and an IDE DVD drive...but it sounds like it may be difficult to install that way.
  3. Great thread guys, let's keep it up! So i stumbled across this rather randomly, and have a few assets to put into play to build a dual-boot box. i've built a couple of Windows boxes before, but this would be a new dimension for me....but you guys are pretty inspiring so let's see what i can do here. =) OK, so i have the DS3L Mobo e2180 c2d processor (cheap, i know) 4x1gb DDR2-667 HP RAM (yeah, the cheapie 1.8V stuff) OR 2x1gb DDR2-1066 OCZ SLI-certified ram (2.1V) Samsung 16x IDE DVD-R eVGA 7600GT CO PCIe Video card OR Foxconn 8400GS PCIe Video Card Antec p180B case lots of Yate Loon fans 2 x 500gb WD5000AAKS Wester Digital SATA2 Hard Drives (i'd like one to boot XP and one to boot Leopard) Any advice on whether this hardware will be compatible with this board, or do i need to get some new stuff? i will read up a bit and see what i can find out, but i appreciate in advance any advice you all can give. =) Cheers, Paul Also, any advice on LAN/FW cards would be helpful - LAN seems to be an issue so far, getting the on-board to work.
  4. Hello KTotho - This is awesome news! i stumbled across this site just as i am kind of piecing together a new machine for my brother, and he would greatly enjoy a dual boot machine like this if i can get it to work! i have a new DS3L MoBo, but a wild array of different parts otherwise. i have an e2180 c2d processor 4x1gb DDR2-667 RAM (The cheap HP 1.8v ram) OR fast OCZ SLI-certified DDR2-1066 RAM (2x1gb) eVGA 7600GT CO PCIe video card OR Foxconn 8400GS PCIe card 2 x 500gb Western Digital WD5000AAKS SATA Hard Drives i am a complete neophyte at the OSX86 experience, but i have built a couple of Windows boxes before, and would like to try my hand at this to stretch my skills a bit. While i poke around and read more, i am hoping that you (or someone) might be able to let me know if the spare hardware listed above might work with the Mobo for this dual-boot project, or if i need to go get other stuff. Thanks in advance, and congratulations on having a nice working system! =)