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    Reading (Novels, Essays, Poetry, Philosophy and Popular Science), Natural Sciences, Clinical and Traditional Medicine, Nature and Ethnobotany, Astronomy, Photography and Photoethnography, Environment-friendly Crafts, Ethnomusicology, Classical and New Age Music, Classical and Flamenco Guitar, Acappella and Karaoke Singing, Social and Folk Dance, Martial Arts and Health Exercises.
  1. Ritalin has a good installer script that is highly modifiable... http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?...=496&page=1
  2. alvinsclee

    ALC662 No Sound with taruga's patch

    Thank you very much for the ALC662 pre-patched kext. Yours is the only one that works properly on my eeePC 8G model 702 (running XxX 10.4.11) By the way, congrats on getting accepted into medical school ... I understand the exhilaration... I'm trained as an alternative medicine physician and very much into biology too
  3. Many thanks for the 3 attached files. It worked very well in my system. I have been searching for months for this solution. I was wondering how did you figure it out Alvin
  4. I am hoping that the FreeBSD code can help more... afterall, MacOSX has portions based on BSD. I will pray for your success. Cheers to the team!