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  1. I have an HP HDX16 1370US with a T7250 (Had to replace the stock one since it died on me, and the T7250 was the best one that I had on hand, I plan to eventually replace with P9700) and I am curious if OS X Sierra can run on it, I have gotten El Capitan to run on it just fine. I have heard that I need a Penryn CPU or better to run Sierra but I don't recall where I heard it or if its true.
  2. CUDA for GT 130M?

    My GPU supports CUDA, but my driver does not support my chip, is there a way I can modify the driver to work with the card?
  3. CUDA for GT 130M?

    I have a GT 130M in my notebook and I am running full graphics just fine in native drivers and GeForce drivers (GeForce work better in my system) and I was wondering if there is any CUDA drivers or support for my model GPU? My GPU supports CUDA but in System Settings > CUDA, it shows that the GPU is not supported. I am running my GPU under DSDT (works just fine without the DSDT patch for the GPU, I just added it for better performance, but it seems to work the same either way, just the detected name is different and some data isn't detected [without DSDT patch device comes up as "HP GeForce GT 130M" and with DSDT it comes up as "nVidia GeForce GT 130M" with device ID's and PCI slot connection]). I don't really need the driver YET, but since I am gonna want to do video editing and 3D animation, I'm sure CUDA would help very much. If its not supported or there is no way to get it to work, then please guide me on how to uninstall?
  4. In my BIOS machine laptop, I have noticed that the system is much slower when booting in EFI mode through clover. I have installed Windows 10 in EFI mode on a GPT formatted drive, this also means I cannot boot in Legacy mode (though I'm sure there is a way), but that doesn't matter, I just want to know why this is happening and ways to fix it. After system has booted and done all post-boot procedures, I notice in task manger that System process is using up the entire disk bandwidth, the drive almost never stops reading and/or writing or seeking or whatever the System task is doing. Sometimes after a really long time after booting, the drive will calm down to little activity, but once I wake the screen (not system sleep just display sleep), the hard disk goes nuts and System task does its work. Its rather annoying and I would like to know how to fix this or at least lower it to a reasonable level. Most tasks will perform very well but when its a task that takes heavy disk usage (gaming [untested], software installs, etc.) will perform hardly at all. I have also noticed that my available RAM is not all of it. I have 4 GB of RAM in the laptop and windows only sees 3.96 GB, and it does not say (amount) usable, it just shows 3.96 as my final amount, changing MSCONFIG settings to use all 4096 MB causes ABSOLUTE slowdown that it would take me 30 minutes to boot and 20 to log in! So I have no idea why this RAM thing is happening but removing the RAM preferences from MSCONFIG allowed the system to run normally (3.96 of system RAM to windows). The RAM is not much of a bother but I would like to fix the system issue. Please share any thoughts. If this is in the wrong category or place, I do apologize, I couldn't find a category that best fit other than this one.
  5. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    Well after much difficulty, I was able to get OS X El Capitan installed and running, I have clover injected voodoo ps2 kexts and some USB kexts as well as copies of those USB kexts in S/L/E but I still have a few issues. My USB only works part time, meaning that it will work on one boot, but it won't on the next, and sometimes the next boot will have working USB and sometimes it won't. It doesn't have a pattern it just works when it wants, I have kext-dev-mode enabled in clover config (not sure if thats important or not to mention) and when booting in verbose I notice that when the USB doesn't work, I get USB kexts failed to load, at every boot, I notice it mentions duplicate kexts (probably because i have both injected and installed the kexts) and missing dependencies, I think I just need new kexts and to either not inject or not install, but I'm not sure. I pulled the USB kexts from niresh yosemite when I had it installed and thats how I got USB to work part time, but I want it to work on every boot. My next issue is that my hard drive looses write access over time after booting, the amount of time is always different and I cannot understand why this is happening, when attempting to write to the disk, I get error code -50, I can still read from the disk but since I cannot write, I can only do so much. I since installed some AHCI kexts in hopes of that resolving the problem but the only improvement is that it takes more time for the write access to fail. After that I added FIXSATA to clover acpi fixes and it didn't work at all (the fix didn't do anything to resolve the issue) I also have shutdown and restart issues, most of the time (not always), when selecting either shutdown or restart, the system will prepare shutdown (closing apps, leaving desktop, etc.) and when it goes to the blank screen, nothing, it just hangs there, mouse still moves and it will passively seek the hard disk but will never shutdown, forcing me to force shut down the machine. I want this to work but at this point I'm stuck, please help.
  6. iATKOS S3 V2 on A-bit AG8?

    Well now I feel ridiculous since I've had to use those flags before lol. I will give those a try, thank you!
  7. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    Got mouse working by copying some HID kexts from Yosemite installation EDIT: to clarify, I copied HID kexts and OCHI kexts and installed GenericUSBXHCI kext from Yosemite installation and got all but one USB port working: my eSATA+USB port, not a big deal but I should figure out what kext goes well with that.
  8. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    Ok, I dont understand what you mean by "post full clover", do you want me to send you a copy of my clover folder in my EFI partition?
  9. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    Alright, should I place it in patched folder?
  10. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    Im getting some progress to getting this to work, I have added my Yosemite AppleUSBUHCI and AppleUSBEHCI kexts to clovers kext folders and now when I insert the flashdrive to my bottom left side USB port, I have no kernel panic and the drive stays mounted. So far things seem good. But its still far from ready EDIT: So I can boot the installer but only one of my 4 USB ports work. My touchpad doesn't work and neither does my keyboard. So I have no mouse control and I noticed that when in the installer, the booted USB is the only USB that responds, no other USB device in the same port powers up or functions when in the same port as the installer.
  11. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    I seem to be having the same issue in the USB without anything selected in the ACPI section of clover configurator and DSDT in the flash drives /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched/DSDT.aml. Unless I am supposed to put it somewhere else in a flash drive, I believe the issue is still kext related.
  12. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    The DSDT is desinged specifically for my notebook and works perfectly, I will give no DSDT a try.
  13. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    I hope I got the ioreg one right, I saved it from IORegistryExplorer. Anyway, here are the files, I had to upload them to drive becuase the ioreg was too big and the DSDT was not permitted to upload. IOreg https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwnRp555iRFtT2UwUzJ4V2V1blU/view?usp=sharing DSDT https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwnRp555iRFtazR3ZmwwU0x4clk/view?usp=sharing
  14. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    I got it to work. I dont know what allowed this, but I would boot in verbose mode in clover, and pull the drive just as the drive is unmounted during startup, and plug it back in before the system could panic, this allowed everything to load successfully and I am currently in the installation screen, I dont want to install though since I believe I have an issue I need to understand and know how to fix before I begin the install. I have an HP HDX16 1370US with Intel T7250 CPU, Nvidia GT 130M, 4 GB RAM, Dell Broadcomm wifi card (compatable with mac os). I believe the issue is my USB kexts but I dont know which ones, I do know that an issue kext (AppleUSBUHCI.kext) was not present in the drive when I performed the boot, I did not check for the other kexts, but I believe it may be my IOUSBHostFamily.kext, I don't know and I don't want to proceed with the installation until I know what the issue was.
  15. Cannot upgrade to El Capitan

    Tried the app, booted through clover and got the same kernel panic. Maybe I need a different USB kext? Im gonna find some and see what the results are. I noticed that the kernel panic lists other kexts, should I be worried about those?