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  1. Asus G53 Help

    Im ready to take the plunge and try and install OSX on my G53. The last time I did a osx install on pc hardware was 3 years ago and it seems that a lot has changed. I want full functionality and the ability to dual boot. If somone could give me a little direction im willing to write up a very nice step by step dummy tutorial of everything that needs to be done. Intel® Core™ i7 820QM/740QM/720QM/620M 2.66 GHz ~ 1.6 GHz Intel® HM55 Express Chipset NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460M 1.5GB GDDR5 VRAM DDR3 1333,2 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 6G SDRAM 750GB 7200rpm Super-Multi DVD What other info on hardware is needed? So basicly any help woudl be amazing. Even if its just a link to point me in the right direction. This is gonna be a fun little adventure. Hope some "pros" can help me out.
  2. OSX86 ASUS G51JX-X2

    I'm looking for some g53 love, any hints?
  3. (Guide) Asus G73SW Tutorial

    Any chance this will work with the g53?
  4. Penta (5) Boot

    pere, thank-you very much. I would be happy to try but if its gona cause me problems I can take a few of the partitions away. So to make it easy on me I could just run Vista, Ubuntu, OSX, data. and run some virtual machines for xp and 7.
  5. Penta (5) Boot

    I actually have 3 gigs, kinda pointess because only 2 gigs of it run in dual channel but its nice to have. i use vista everyday, but have been playing with windows 7 alot. I am going into school for PC support so having multiple operating systems is going to be benifitial to me. I feel like i need xp becase its still so widley used. I agree that having 7's current release is pointless becase it will only work for a few more months. I Deffenatly want OSX, VISTA, Ubuntu so i can have the current top 3 OS's
  6. Penta (5) Boot

    I have decided to use iPC because i found a tutorial specifically from my laptop. Any other tips I should know about?
  7. [guide] fujitsu t4210 tablet pc

    anything else i should know?
  8. [guide] fujitsu t4210 tablet pc

    thanks for the guide i will be using this very soon. im going to be installing a 320 gig hardrive and penta booting.
  9. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    So im planning on installing 10.5.5 iPC, on my 4215 next week. Having trouble gathering all the information I need to get everything working. So any suggestions or hints would be great
  10. Penta (5) Boot

    never heard of boot 132 gota check it out.
  11. Penta (5) Boot

    sounds good, cant wait for that chameleon 2. Should i use iDeneb or iPC?
  12. Penta (5) Boot

    I have 2 other computers that I store anything of substance on. This is my tablet that I use for when im away from home. I am working on a degree in PC support and Administration and would love to be able to do on hands support with people by having all 5 major OS's on the GO. guess I'm a dumbass.
  13. I just ordered a 320gig hard drive for my laptop. I would love to penta boot it. OSx10.5.x, Ubuntu, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Beta. Im planing on doing a fresh install of each. I want to make 5 40Gig partitions and have the rest leftover as a data file. Is that possible? what would be the best order to install the os's in? what boot loader should i use? any guides around for this? thanks