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  1. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Yes. Follow the original thread instructions from Don Luca up to the end of the first section: EDIT: Hmm my mistake I just noticed that you need your cdkey for that part too... I guess you're kinda out of luck.
  2. Poof sound when I'm doing nothing..

    I find this happens when I have a password window pop up when coming back from sleep mode. Sounds like just a default popup sound.
  3. Accessing Vista Partition From Mac 10.4.9

    I've only been using Vista for a couple of days but I know what you're talking about. Go into your Network Settings (not sure on the exact name) but there should be a list of things that you can turn on or off for network sharing. At the top of this preference window should be a diagram showing your computer linked to the internet and to your network. Look at the list. Somewhere there should be one that's called something like "Enable file sharing password". Turn it off. As soon as I did this, my other network computers were suddenly able to use my printer. So there's a chance it might fix your problem as well. If it doesn't then it's because accessing partitioned drives are not considered "network" behaviour.
  4. Bring Back a Proper Textual Drag and Drop

    It's kind of funny because I can't replicate the delay in Firefox. It works in TextMate. I have to hold the mouse down for about a second before it turns into a cursor that indicates I can move it, but in Firefox it's instant drag no matter what.
  5. Should I buy Applecare?

    Alright, I got it now. Though I'd have to say. If you want to hear the fans blaring on a Macbook without any manual settings, just run a combination like this: Parallels, google earth, and a video on a video site like metacafe. Heck even one of the three alone makes my fans go wild within seconds. My laptop is always too hot to put on my lap, but it's always on a desk anyway so that's why I don't bother with SMC. I figure I'll probably end up using it again some day, but for now I'll leave it be.
  6. Should I buy Applecare?

    No need to get too excited over the issue. I was just stating a warning instead of blindly agreeing to the fact that the fans can be run at high speeds. Sure they can, but running at 6000rpms for a few hours on end will definitely be shortening their life span. If you have a warantee, great, as long as you don't keep the mac running after the fans fail because then it will be more than just a fan that will need to be replaced. I'm just speaking from what I've found. My fan started making noises, so I stopped using the app. If you want to get all worked up over my findings and say I have no common sense, go ahead. But I don't just pull stuff out of my ass.
  7. What RAM Configuration Should I Go With?

    Sorry if this sounds noobish, but you're talking about putting three slots of memory in, even though the Macbook only has two slots? Or am I just missing something at this time in the morning... My Macbook has 2x512mb sticks in it and it runs fine 90% of the time. There are times when I try running quite a few things at once, and it starts to slow down a bit, but it's tolerable considering I saved a lot of money by not getting 2x1gb. Maybe one day I will upgrade, but if I do, it will be dual channel as usual.
  8. Should I buy Applecare?

    Ummm, I wouldn't suggest jacking up your fan speed using SMC fan control, especially all the way to 6000rpms. First of all, there's no telling if AppleCare will deny you service on your parts if they see that you manipulated the fan control. To them this could just mean you played with the settings, and that's why your computer burned out. (It is possible, since the fan was not designed to run at such high speeds for so long). The second thing is, after using SMC for a couple of weeks a few months ago, my fan started making squeaky sounds at certain idle speeds. It was annoying as hell and has since gone away after stopping usage of the SMC fan controller. And as for answering the original post, I would say AppleCare is worth the money, yes, however don't expect any help from their telephone service. All they will say is "go to a certified apple retailer or an Apple Store and get a genius to check it out". Almost every problem comes down to that. So if you live in the area of an Apple Store, then get AppleCare and just go to the Geniuses if you have any problems.
  9. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Thanks for the response! I guess I better make some room on my PC for the massive install.
  10. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it. When following these steps: I'm not sure if we have to install UT2004 on a Windows PC and then copy over the files from the installed directory, or if we can just copy over the files directly from the CDs without installing anywhere first? Thanks!
  11. Apple Pirate Logo

    Well done, I like it. Can't wait for the variants.
  12. Black Macbook keyboard discoloration

    I have a Black Macbook. When it gets all shiny and fingerprinty, I just take out a microfibre cloth (the same one I use to clean my Nikon lenses) and wipe it down. Works well on the case. For the keyboards, I haven't found anything good but then again I'm used to shiny keyboards since all my black keyboards are like that now. I figure a good wipedown from the same cloth would do it too but I just haven't bothered with that since the key shine doesn't bother me.
  13. Removing Kexts

    No offense or anything, but if you are a total noob as you say you are, then perhaps you shouldn't be fooling around with OSX x86? The slightest difference in hardware can cause the world's errors... You could essentially screw your whole computer up. But anyways, I had to do this too a few months ago. I just went to google, learned some basic apple command line commands such as move, delete, list, etc... and I used them to move all the ATI kexts out of the folder to a backup one (all from the command line)... I was recently trying to find my notes on that because I feared that I needed to use them again, but I can't find them... Otherwise I would have posted them here..
  14. HFS+ Partition Error

    I had this same problem. I found the solution in the wiki. Going into Knoppix live cd and running cfdisk from there, and changing the boot partition fixed it.
  15. Help me with the bootloader

    The problem is, what if your computer doesn't have a floppy drive? Mine doesn't...