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  1. check osrom.net for motherboard bios mods has anyone here tried ideneb (not the person who got 6 lines further)?
  2. arcticsheep

    Stuck At Gray Apple Screen After Install

    It means verbose, it shows everything thats going on in the computer while its booting, so instead of seeing and apple logo you'll see a lot of text, and probably a kernel panic. when it freezes, tell me what it says.. sometimes you need to wait a while though, so make sure the computer is actually frozen before reporting what it said.
  3. arcticsheep

    Stuck At Gray Apple Screen After Install

    boot with -v and see what it says also check if your motherboard is in osrom.net since you might need a patched BIOS
  4. When you boot with -v it should show you a bunch of text and no apple logo... Try booting with JUST -v and tell us what happens (if it says kernel panic or something)
  5. arcticsheep

    boot1 error after windows re-installation

    Thanks I already did that, it didn't work... I it's my first disk (0) and third partition (3), but that's what gave me the boot1 error. How can I reinstall the bootloader? I tried to find it on the internetz but I had trouble working with the "startupfiletool" and "bless24"? And how can reinstalling windows affect another partition's bootloader?
  6. I had windows and mac working perfectly (mac being the active partition, which has the bootloader to give me the option of windows or leopard [i think]). But recently I reinstalaled windows because it started acting up, and i haven't really touched mac ever since because obviously windows resets the active partition to the vista partition. so eventually i wanted to boot into mac so i decided to change the active partition to my leopard partition, which i did successfully, but now all i get is "boot1: error" when i start it up. what gives? thanks
  7. arcticsheep

    How do you say the "X" in OS X?

    Lets make this into an OS Battle. XP & Vista are good operating systems. I'm sorry! I have had 0 problems with vista, no driver problems I couldn't fix with a google or any of that sort with windows. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion. By the way I pronounce it the way its written with an "EX". I know the real way is ten but I really don't care.
  8. arcticsheep

    How Would You Defend Psystar

    I'm on your side but for argument's sake I'm going to answer this question: Apple has this whole thing about "trust". You know how they sell iLife family packs and iLife for a single user, yet there's no serial number or anything on the single user one so you can just install it on as many computers as you want? I guess it's the same idea - they just trust you not to frig around with it. Also, if people want to upgrade from Tiger->Leopard or something, where are they going to get Leopard? It's necessary to sell the O/Ss seperately. I doubt they would create some sort of scanning process to confirm whether you have a real mac or not, it's too much of a hassle. And plus, what if you're buying it as a gift for your friend?
  9. arcticsheep

    Realtek ALC1200 (WORKING NOW!)

    search for the p45audio.zip (or kext) thread I beleive its somewhere in the Installing on a P45 Chipset thread worked for me
  10. arcticsheep

    Anyone use SMF before?

    Whatever happened to phpbb?
  11. arcticsheep

    QUICKLY! what happened last house episode

    Thanks for the plot but DAMNIT! I told you not to tell me what happens to the patient!!! GAR!!
  12. arcticsheep

    Show Your Connection Speed!

    Almost last place... at least my ping is good.
  13. arcticsheep

    Virgin Media Throttling

    switch to videotron its like a breath of fresh air i also hear teksavvy is really good
  14. arcticsheep

    How Would You Defend Psystar

    Pretty soon you'll have "Genuine Mac OSX Advantage"
  15. The house that aired last week - what happened? I mean not the medical stuff since ill watch it later but with the characters, did the guy divorce his wife or something? AGAIN: I'm asking for what happened to the characters in the story, like house and his {censored}, not the medical patient stuff! SPOIL ME NOW Thanks