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  1. i seen this thread already on here but the links provided were down. I have logic pro 8 but i have no presets for any of the plug ins..im goin to post wat the last guy said... I'm looking for the logic pro 8 presets (/library/applications support/logic/Plug_In Settings/) If someone could zip this Plug-in settings folder, it would be great... (dont take the localized /users/your acount/library/applications support/logic/Plug_In Settings/ because it's only the modified settings for the plugins, so if you never modify any plugin setting, the folders doesn't contain .pst files) In fact the .pst files are only parameters text files, so they are not so big to zip. They allow you to find easyly examples of plugins settings (effects and virtual instruments, for virtuals instruments, it's quite sound banks, but just settings (no samples) thankx