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  1. diafebus

    shutdown troubles - reboots instead

    Hi I know this post is kind of old but I tried all stuff here and still don't manage to make it work... What I know so far, I need the Firewire PCIe (StarTech) for my audio purposes and it works just fine on windows and just fine on mac, but when it is installed on mac the reboot thingy happens, When Fixshutdown is enabled it reboots right after shutting down but the firewire card is not detected this time, and when its not enabled the computer shuts down but when I move the mouse or enter something via USB it boots and firewire is not there either I'd need to powerbutton shutdown then it would work again... Also with some options I get problems when restarting, the firewire not getting recognized or just black screen not posting even the BIOS, I need to force shutdown with powerbutton again… and If I remove the firewire B*tch all goes back to normal… I'm starting to think the best option would be to get rid of the goddamned firewire… but there's gotta be a solution… this other option would mean to lose money. So my question is what can I do to fix this, to have a proper shutdown and then everything booting back up again being all detected and cool? PS: My rig is ASROCK Z97 Extreme 3 with an i7 4790K, and i run Intel HD4600 and the GTX1070 for pc and waiting for proper drivers to be released. One more thing the DSDT stuff I don't understand how it works, if somebody could explain how to make this DSDT thing to work, theoretically I don't need any DSDT file with this motherboard to be compatible so i never worried much about it…
  2. diafebus

    Replace iMac 27 graphic card

    Hey! It's been quite a while but I managed to install a 6970m 1GB to my iMac late 2009, so I replaced the old 4850 and it worked like a charm. Well I don't get highest performance to game like Rage, but they play pretty well and the gfx cost me a bit less than $400 so it was a good price, I didn't go for the 2GB version because it was muuuuch more expensive and I don't think that this will make a huge difference. So, everyone who is interested to know if this upgrade can be done, yes, it can, and it need a little bit of dremel job in a plastic to make cables fit ok, the guide is in ifixit.com I did the operation in a bit less than 2h, plugged the power chord… clicked the power button and YAY it worked! I've noticed aswell this new gfx gets a little bit less hotter than the previous one, the 4850 was at 83ºC on hot conditions, the new one never raised over 74ºC even gaming for an hour or two. Well! Good luck if anybody else wants to try it! PS: ah I also added an SSD replacing the CD Drive since I do not use it anymore, I maybe buy a case to mount the internal CD drive as an external.
  3. diafebus

    Diablo III

    One friend of mine got a hackintosh with 2 grapphic cards and games are working fine, if not you can always do a bootcamp partition just to play games ^^
  4. diafebus

    Replace iMac 27 graphic card

    For what i've readed this new one is far more superior than the 5xxx and 4xxx. So i think apple will still use that weird PCI express connector for this new graphic cards, so if the dissipator has the same shape it could fit into my iMac, I'll try to wait until new one are available on macsales or somewhere. thankyou for the answer
  5. diafebus

    Replace iMac 27 graphic card

    hi guys! I own an iMac 27'' i7 2,8Ghz with 12GB Ram. So its a good machine. This iMac is an iMac late 2009 so it has an ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb DDR3. For what I've readed this graphic card was not prepared at all to work with that high resolution screet at all, but I found this: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Apple/6615578/ this is the ATI Radeon HD 5750 1GB DDR5, and with help from ifixit.com I could change it without any problem. The question is, does it worth the money? Why I'd have to change it? What kind of user I am? When I'm on computer most of the time is gamming (and I like to put high settings on games and have fun with the detail), I do music productions where i7 2.8 is doing a great job, and of course navigation and chatting, so except from gaming this computer blasts in everything… (but when I bought it i was thinking to use it to game so I expected from a 2000€ computer it MUST do the job far well, but it didn't at all) what are your recommendations? Is that far different this new/old grapphic? May I have to wait to see the new grapphics cards on macsales to see if they are compatible too with 2009 iMacs? thank you for reading!!
  6. you really can't wait for some more stable release why?
  7. diafebus

    Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    if you read about the update it tells that upgrade so especific game performance
  8. diafebus

    Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    i tried on my imac 27 i7, and starcraft 2 works good now on graphics set on HIGH as recomended, not as before that i only could play with medium ^^ so great.
  9. diafebus

    Starcraft 2

    hi! I own the new iMac 27'' ... unfortunately i bought it 24 days before the unspected apple hardware update.. so i'm on a ATI 4850HD and it should work on grapphic set on high... but IT CAN'T work with good FPS rate at this quality... then I found that the game ONLY USES GRAPHIC CARD, i7 CPU is over 4% of use when starcraft is running... !?!?!?! WTH?!?! anybody has more information about this {censored}?
  10. Hi guys!! I own an iMac G5 and it does not work with the extension ram module inserted... but with the internal 512mb of ram it works... I tried to install different rams to see if was bad ram... but the computer make the same problem... it doesn't boot correctly or it arrives to OS X but then it hangs on with Panic Error... Bad socket? dirty socket? or what do you think that it can be? I would like to repair that thing to make it more usable... with 512 mb lot of applications can't be installed on it... thank you!
  11. diafebus

    Rosetta Extraction

    what do you want? OS9 or PPC apps running under rosetta? No Intel machine can run OS9 software, rosetta is designed to run OSX PPC apps. Actualy exists a pair of OS9 emulators.
  12. diafebus

    Upgrade from iATKOS v7 to Snow Leopard

    that's a thing about gaming?... by the way, I'm not pretty sure but you could try... Insert Empire EFI, then snow leopard, normal installation (which DON'T HAVE TO DELETE ANYTHING OF YOUR HARDRIVE, except OSX) and then Empire EFI again, and ready to start up your SL installation... by the way you should do a backup of all important files, or try to do a clean install into another hard drive, to do a move to this hard drive, to check that you'll be able to run 100% of your computer with SL or simply to make a new install... your choise... but that's not gaming!!!
  13. diafebus

    used mac vs hackintosh

    1. If you make good hardware choises, it's gonna be reliable as rock. the friend of mine that had lot of problems with win XP and he bought a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR (it's good for hackintosh but not the best one) and he has everything working perfectly and he works on audio, and as i said before with core 2 duo 2,7 he had more points on xbench than me... 2. yes there are some laptops able to be hackintoshed... you have to make an extensive search of all options that you have to get the best working one!! good luck!
  14. diafebus

    used mac vs hackintosh

  15. diafebus

    used mac vs hackintosh

    ... go for i5 with a GigaByte motherboard (to easy snow leopard installation)... much powerfull and mucho configurable the real thing that interest of apple is the OS... not the hardware, that yes is beautiful and everything that you want, but is not as powerful as a pc at the same price... I own a C2D 2,66 iMac and one friend of mine owns C2D 2,7Ghz Pc with snow leopard, and his computer is a bit faster, i get about 150-160 points on Xbench and he get 178 points... he can add more hard drives, i can not, he can add a better graphics card, i can not he can upgrade processor, i can not he can add much more ram, i can not.. that's a hackintosh vs Macintosh... of course everthing that i'm saying is if you doesn't mind to spend some time configuring and installing OS X... buecause nowadays is very easy but it wants your attention and some time to do it!!