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  1. Nifties in Leopard

    For those curious what multiple physical screens look like in spaces (yes mine are different resolutions, 1280x800 & 1680x1050). I was hoping to see all the spaces of one monitor grouped together on their relative screens, not for them all to be squashed on the main monitor.
  2. Install incomplete..

    What's new in Leopard is the ability to partition the disk up non-destructively in disk util so you could add two new partitions, a small one for the install disk, and one to install leopard to. Restore the disk image to your smaller partition and boot to it and install to the other partition. Then once done go back to disk util and remove the spare partition. Only problem i see with this is that disk util might be buggy but boot camp seems to partition the disk fine (albiet only allowing two partitions) most likey using the same code. EDIT: just realized you probably cant install boot camp on a g5 to make an initial partition to restore the disk image to... duh
  3. Bugs of 10.5

    Heres what i mean. also noticed one of leopards included wallpapers makes the menubar hard to use with the transparency
  4. Time Machine Setups

    An alternative to an airport base station, I've got time machine running off a cheapo network attached storage box hooked up to my router via ethernet.
  5. Bugs of 10.5

    Three things so far, when accessing spaces from the dock, the dock reflections are still active when moving apps; Time machine (at least on my macbook) doesnt have the animated background; and expose allows me to switch to the desktop and come back to timemachine with a blank window. Also SMB shares dont work fully when they're not another mac or xp machine.
  6. Time Machine on a Macbook

    I'm on a macbook too and i got a static image for timemachines background
  7. System Preferences Crash

    it may be a seperate problem then. this fix was mostly set out to fix the users who had the system preferences crash as a result of applying the front row patch. I dont belive its a universial fix im afraid.
  8. System Preferences Crash

    worked for me mate, thats why i posted it!
  9. System Preferences Crash

    http://supportdownload.apple.com/download....10.4.6Intel.dmg Download this intel combo updater and open it in pacafist Select the Find button and enter “BezelServices.” Under the Search Results panel, select the folders BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin. Select the Install button located in Pacifist’s top-right corner. If prompted by Pacifist, select to replace all files. Restart.
  10. System Preferences Crash

    a very smart man told me about this:
  11. System Preferences Crash

    HELP! i have a problem switching the resolution as my system preferences window closes when i select display. ive tired repairing permissions which unfortunalty didnt help. is there any way to repair this or at least force osx into 1280x800x32@60? I've tried adding the command to the startup but it didnt do anything. edit: if it helps, sound and mouse & keyboard panes do the same thing
  12. Edit file from NTFS Partitions?

    my osx will work fine on my douments drive but read only for the drive with xp installed on it. so what id say is create a small partition to swap files between the os's- if its fat32 then even better.
  13. Marvell Support Effort

    Your right it was the permissions, thanks. Works fantastic now. Great work guys!
  14. Marvell Support Effort

    Doesnt work for my card: Van 11AB Dev 4320 I get on startup "the system extention "/System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ skge.kext" was not installed properly and cannot be used..." I get the same message afterwards for the AppleYukon.kext too. Removing the AppleYukon one doesnt do the trick. At one point i did have Built-In ethernet in the networking prefs pane but it said its not plugged in. typing in sudo dmesg somewhere in the mist there is a line starting with yukonOsx and the cards mac address. any ideas guys?
  15. Networking over bluetooth?

    OK so I cant get either my Intel Pro Wireless or Marvell Yukon ethernet working in osx 10.4.5, however my bluetooth works fine, f**k knows why lol So I was wondering how/can I do networking over bluetooth between OSX and XP pro? I dont need full networking just to be able to share the internet will do for me With XP it seems to be all about Bluetooth Personal Area Networking (PAN) but OSX is all about dialing into a mobile phone or something like that HELP!!