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  1. That makes sense, but I think I'm going to have to run CHKDSK since I'm using XP SP2 and not Vista. How would do the recovery with the windows system XP that is. Also how would I add the Leopard specifics to the boot.ini I know how to get to all of these things, but how do I and what should I put in them. Thanks
  2. PCI Slots not recognized

    One of the PCI cards is a UAD-1 plugged into the first PCI Slot. The second card is an M-Audio Delta 1010 I have drivers for one, the other is a PPC driver, I'm not sure if they have Leopard intel drivers yet. Not sure what's going on, but I think my cards aren't being recognized. Thanks, any information would be great. It doesn't make sense as my PCIe video card is working.
  3. PCI Slots not recognized

    I have Kalway 10.5.1 installed on my Q6600 Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H PC. I don't have any of my PCI slots being recognized. Is this because I don't have the EFI installed at all? If so, I can't get it to install at all anyway. How do I install EFI post install of Kalway 10.5.1? Lot's of help needed, as I really need my PCI Cards.
  4. As far as AHCI goes, I've done enabled and disabled. I believe the same behavior. I've Acronis(ed) the XP volume to a working backup (same problem). I've disabled the IDE Leopard Drive in the BIOS (same problem). Disconnected drive (I think that solves the problem of winlogon.exe error). I'm not certain though. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Great guide, I have a Gigabyte GA-G33M-s2h mATX board. Maybe you can answer this question. After installing Kalway 10.5.1 Guid on Sep drive, now my XP machine gives a winlogon.exe blue screen. I have restored to an earlier image with Acronis and it still gives the error. I do have Leopard on a separate IDE drive, the other 2 drives are SATA. Short of Reinstalling the entire OS, is there anything else that can be done to relieve this error. I think it has to do with the IDE drive being 1st drive shown. It is master on the IDE channel. Not sure what to do from here, since this is my 3rd asking this question on this forum with 0 help. Thanks
  6. I think I may have narrowed it down to the actual IDE HD on my only IDE input on my Motherboard (Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H). What I think is happening is the Leopard HD (IDE channel 4 master) is becoming the number 1 HD on my machine. I have 2 SATA2 HD's on channels 1 & 2. The motherboard is not in 0-1 Native SATA mode. When I log into windows, I get the blue screen speaking about winlogon.exe error. I have already restored to an older Acronis image, but that didn't fix the problem. Any ideas how to fix this?
  7. I'm not sure about your setup, I'm using Workstation 6 on XP with Vista & Ubuntu installed as VM's. Instead of using Bridged, I actually assign the VM's their own IP addresses working on the main "192.168.1 . . ." That way they are seen as separate machines with separate IP's on the same domain. Then I forward ports just like any other computer.
  8. Lot's of questions, first, how did you get Compiz Fusion to work in a virtual machine? I have VM Workstation 6 on XP and can not get Ubuntu Gutsy to work with Compiz at all. 2 where did you get that awesome windows theme for XP. It's like Royale & vista rolled into XP. What program did use to get those icons in XP. Very nice overall.
  9. Hard Drive space being eaten by the 100MB

    Thanks for your help, I've done a screen grab of "My Processes" Could you show me how to do that 60% screen cap thing, where you can see the pic way smaller then click it to see the pic. Never mind it does it automatically. I wish I could do that in every forum I frequent.
  10. Hard Drive space being eaten by the 100MB

    I'm not sure how to check what apps are running in the background. How would I do that. And how would I disable them.
  11. I have downloaded the EFI v8 for my Kalway 10.5.1 install, (which is working fine), but I have an unknown chip in the about this Mac window, and my mother board is not listed. I ran the steps for the install, but since I've already installed Kalway, what are the steps to use the EFI for post installation. I tried to do some post.sh walk throughs, but I still have an unknown processor. Intel Q6600 2.4GHz Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H Mobo Leopard on IDE channel (alone) with GUID partition. Not sure what to do, but I'm thinking of uninstalling Kalway and going for the smaller iATKOS with the EFI built in, as I can not upgrade Leopard to 10.5.2 I'm really tempted to keep Kalway since it works, not the shutdown or sleep I don't think, but I can boot into any OS I choose (not elegantly though with F12). Thanks
  12. On my MBPro could someone tell me why my 100GB HD is losing almost 100 MB per hour or so. I've been emptying cache with Onyx, scrapped huge mail folders, got rid of Bread crumbs and things like that. But for some reason my HD space just keeps going down at like 100 MB every 1 hour or so. I have 10.4.9 MBP Core Duo (not Core2 Duo) 2.16GHz 2GB RAM 100 GB 7200 RPM HD Anyone experience similar Mac issues. I've been looking into the swap file thing, but I've also seen you can't get rid of those files.
  13. I used the Kalway SSE2 & SSE3 Leopard 5.1 install zip, booted pressed F8 typed vanilla. WD 120 GB IDE GUID Partition only Q6600 Intel Quad Core Patriot Extreme 2GB What is the cause & solution to me having to disable the Leopard HD if I want to log into windows without getting a system crash after log in? I did not do MBr because I had a separate HD. But as I stated when I boot back into XP enter my log on info, windows crashes into BSOD, I then disable the Leopard HD and everything works fine. What's the fix for this, or should I reinstall with an MBr format and all should be fine?
  14. Gigabyte GA-G33-S2H Sound Not Working

    Thanks a lot, I forgot to post that this method worked for me entirely. Is your method the exact same as the one I just quoted? I did not know that if I keep the GUID IDE drive enabled in the BIOS, when I boot into windows, windows will crash after logging on. Wonder what that is about.
  15. I used the Kalway SSE2 & SSE3 Leopard 5.1 install zip, booted pressed F8 typed vanilla. I have everything working, not sure about ethernet, haven't checked yet. But I do know that my sound isn't working, when I look in audio setup the input & output are unknown. I saw something here about ktexts for sound drivers, but I'm not sure what type of onboard mother board sound card I have. WD 120 GB IDE GUID Partition only Q6600 Intel Quad Core Patriot Extreme 2GB Also, the about this Mac does not show the processor as being a Q6600, it also says unknown. Any help would be great.