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  1. M2N-E here; I used Zeph's DVD (rev1) and got it working after making the partition bootable, and using the 640x480 resolution to get past the "Do you already own a Mac" loop. But... Not a single network card works. They are detected (I see messages like RTL8139 : Hardware Address 00:(etc.) or Intel: Tried: Onboard Nvidia (not detected) Intel Pro/100V Intel Pro/1000GT (not detected) 3COM 3C905C-TX-M RTL8139D RTL8169 (Yes... I have a lot of cards sitting everywhere... So, some are detected but they do not show up in System Preferences - Network There is one nic there but it always has "network cable unplugged". What am I doing wrong? It is even there when I have all NICs removed, so it must be some kind of dummy.
  2. Hagen

    AMD AM2+ motherboards

    What do you mean? (Edit: my bad... I was typing it on an old laptop with 800x600 screen, and it ended up in the wrong topic. As I have a M2N-E which is a AM2 board, I did not realize this.) But... I am not sure. Leopard is fast enough but I cannot get my NIC to work... ;(
  3. Tried this, but it still says "cable unplugged". I read the readme in the kext file (btw coming from a Linux and Windows background I do not understand the humour of having files which are not files actually but folders (zipped or something?), but anyway)... I used kextload and it says the RTLGEN kext is already loaded. Still no luck. Any suggestions? Tried a RTL8169, different problems, but still no network. Why??