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  1. [GUIDE] Installing Lion DP4 + GM Without USB(Video)

    Hi great guide! I'm Stuck At 'Resetting IOCatalogue' any ideas how to solve this?
  2. 9500 GT 512MB PixelView not work on DP 2, 3, 4

    Im HAving the same problem with an intel X3100 on my laptop
  3. Hi guys! I have been having this issue after I Installed Snow leopard last week: I dont know why but disk are taking too long to be mounted after i boot up. When I say disks i say the other partitions of my hard drive. The take longer than a minute sometimes even 2 to be mounted. Does someone have the same issue? It's pretty anoying. Thanks!
  4. Battery and dim issues

    Same issue over here. I think we'll just have to wait till suprehai releases a new version of the voodooBattery
  5. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    GMA X3100 is only suported in 32 bit mode in SL. Changing EFI strings wont make a difference
  6. GMA X3100 Works on SL?

    I've been testing the builds since the WWDC one and the support for GMA x3100 is only for 32 bit mode. I also noticed that in the relsease note of the latest build (Golden Master) Support for Macbooks (Hypercarbonate, white and black etc) isnt avalible for 64 bits. So i guess we better start looking for a tweak or something. Cheers
  7. S-Video out (tv-out) on Intel GMA x3100

    so.... no one has any idea?
  8. S-Video out (tv-out) on Intel GMA x3100

    Hi! I see. I was thinking maybe it was a kext like the Nvcap.kext that i understand it the one that decodes the video and send it to the outputs. So i thought maybe that by editing some kexts we could make it work. I was thinking maybe the appleintelgmaX3100FB.kext was a key but i just dont know how to start. Maybe someone who developed the solution for Nvidia Cards could help. Regards
  9. Hi tim025. Great work! I was wondering if there was any possibility to make work dual monitors with the s-video output for the x3100 graphic chipset. thanks!
  10. ATI/Nvidia/GMA TV Out-Solution

    hi guys! Is there any way to make the s-video out port work? i have one on my laptop. I have intel x3100 graphics btw. Thanks!
  11. hi guys! I was wondering if someone has tried connecting your hackintosh via s-video to a TV. I have tried without any luck. I think the port is not detected cause i doesnt cause a kernel panic or anything, the tv screen does not even blink. I think there was a way of making this work for gma 950. I am going to do some more research on this matter. So for now, has anyone made this connection succesfully? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys. Is there any possibility to make work dual monitors with the s-video output for the x3100 graphic chipset? thanks!
  13. Hey guys i found this. http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=Linux_UVC http://linux-uvc.berlios.de/ thought it might become usefull
  14. Motorola Modem USB instead of Ethernet

    works like a charm! One question only. how can I change the default mac address of the usb connection? Thanks!
  15. Hi all, well i dont even haver the DesktopVideoOut.component in /system/library/quicktime/ By the way this is my webcams info Version: 1.00 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: SuYin Product ID: 0xa101 Serial Number: CN0314-OV01-VH-R03.02.02 Vendor ID: 0x064e It worked Out of the box only in ichat. No photo booth or skype support. tried the VDC.plugin deletion solution without luck