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    i-Bench to test your Mac

    CPU speed is 3.6GHz....it's reading it all wrong. I wish the speed was 16.9GHz...... benching with Photoshop, illustrator, iTunes, Firefox, Fetch, MSN, Yahoo messanger and Mail running in the background. System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.1 (Build 9B18) Model: Hackintosh Processor: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Frequency: 16.9 GHz Total CPU number: 4 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 1.06 GHz Memory size: 8.00 GB Memory type: 667 MHz DDR SDRAM Compiled with: GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5564) Tests results Composite result: 5.63 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 4.88 Gaussian blur: 7.36 Mandelbrot set generation: 4.26 Numerical integration: 8.27 JPEG compression: 4.93 LU decomposition: 5.63 Edge detection: 6.14 Fast Fourier Transform: 5.06 Eigenvalue: 5.55 Partial result: 5.67 iBench_int test suite MD5 hashing: 5.48 Blowfish cypher: 10.40 Kruskal tree search: 5.07 Integer factorization: 4.90 ZIP compression: 5.56 N Queens problem: 5.34 Maximum Common Divisor: 4.95 Quick sorting: 5.14 Binary searching: 5.47 Bubble sorting: 5.68 Prime numbers calculation: 4.97 Partial result: 5.59
  2. my first tries, will do some more when i get around
  3. Dune, I applaud you for what you have done and been doing for the OSX86 community. your .kext totally fixed my >3GB memory problem. i used to enable memory remap in the BIOS for KP-free environment, but now, with memory remap disabled, i'm finally totally utilizing 8GB and flying. my config: Q6600 3.6G P5K Premium 4 x 2GB Adata 7900GTX 512MB (flashed BIOS for darwin to recognize the full 512mb) 250G HDD x 2
  4. so you have 8GB installed and it's completely stable? can i ask you, did you delete your JMicron.kext? if so, did you have to repair permission or boot with -f afterwards? thanks!!
  5. hi everyone here. even though this is the first time i'm posting in this thread, i have been following it for quite some time. i can confirm that disabling memory remap works for me. here is my spec: Q6600 P5K-P 4 x 1GB Crucial ram 7900GTX 512MB 2 x 250GB Seagate SATAII 1 x Asus DVD rom SATAII so you see i don't have any IDE hardware so after reading about the Jmicron thing, i was happy to try running 4GB without it. i tried disabling the Jmicron controller in BIOS, deleting the .kext and both, all didn't work. still had KP when editing high-res images in photoshop CS3. then i simply disabled the memory remap thing (i left the Jmicron disabled, i didn't see it being used anyways), been KP-free for 2 weeks, 24/7. but then here's another problem. i remember reading somewhere that this KP thing only affects hackintosh with 4GB of memory. so i went out and bought 4 x 2GB hoping that it would work. it worked, OSX booted and recognizes 8GB of memory. but KP again when using photoshop and memtesting. took one stick out, same thing. only two sticks installed then it's fine (fine as in running memtest and photo-editing at the same time). why is it? i have tried with memory remap dis/en/abled..... it's really frustrating. anyone encountered this problem? PS i'm running kalyway 10.5.1
  6. Hi, I installed Lep using Kalyway DVD(GUID_EFI, Vanilla), everything working properly. Is there a way to install WinXP now? instead of having to install XP THEN install Leo again? I plan to have them on seperate HDDs. Thanks ain advance.
  7. Hi all, i have been reading in this forum for quite some time now and just put together a rig for leopard yesterday. started the installation today. leopard installed fine and it asked to reboot. so i rebooted and took the DVD out, chose the 'leopard' HDD to boot. but for some reason it hangs at where i can see the mouse rotating, that's right after the greyish apple screen. so i tried booting with -x, and it went straight into the desktop without a hitch!! then i tried without it, it hung again. does anybody know what this might indicate? system: Q6600 P5K-Premium 2 x 1G Crucial 7900GTX 512MB 250G HDD (all for leopard) LG DVD rom installation: Kalyway w/ vanilla kernel NVinject GUID bootloader thanks for helping PS. could somebody tell me what kext i might have to change? and how? is there a specific reason why the screen saver is skippy?