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  1. P5B Deluxe audio not working in 10.5.6

    I've tried using the iPC install for 10.5.6 and everything but audio works great. I've installed the AD1988b ktext included in the DVD and tried AzaliaAudio with no success. The card is detected somewhat, it shows headphone, line out, and digital, in the sound pref pane but nothing comes out of any of the back ports on the mobo regardless of which output i select. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this has been annoying as I was able to do a 10.5.4 kalyway setup including audio about a year ago, i forget how I did the audio. Thanks
  2. I was wondering about the MSI wind in OSX. One of the big things I don't like about the U120 is that the fn key is where control usually is. Given that it's useless in OSX I was wondering how that key gets bound and if it can be arbitrarily set? -Thanks
  3. How's the OSX driver support for the Samsung. It's really a shame I like that i can get ubuntu on the dell lowering the price. The lenovo has the best design And the samsung has the best battery and screen. I guess the shame is that there's no best solution out there.
  4. I've got an x1900xt on a P5B motherboard. when i try to run Warcraft 3 it runs fine, it plays fine, but when i try and exit the computer freezes.
  5. Logitech mouse not recognized

    mine's in a USB port, i even tried switching different usb ports.
  6. I installed using the kalyway disk and the forward/back buttons arnt working. I've installed USB Overdrive, the Logitech control center, and the MS control center. None of them recognize the mouse.
  7. My mouse works for the basic functions, however i cant get the forward/back keys to work. I tried to install the logitech center and usb overdrive but they dont recognize the mouse. It's an MX518 if that matters.
  8. blinking cursor when loading from mac disk

    i've tried re-installing it with many different hard drive/boot order configurations. no luck.
  9. I was able to install OSX fine, so after that i followed the tutorial and installed vista on one drive. I then installed osx on the other drive. Now when i try to boot from the OSX drive i just get a flashing cursor. Any idea why this is happening?
  10. Asus P5B Deluxe Motherboard and Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD

    You need an SATA optical drive