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  1. Hi, my computer won't detect my wd my book drive (500 gb) when i partitioned and put the GUID mbr on it. it says the installer was successfull but when i go to f10 boot menu no harddrive appears? I tried installing a chameleon still no go. Someone please help. -Ethan
  2. Yes you can , 100%. See, on January 21, 2010 Apple announced that they are fully supporting the once illegal Mac OSX on a PC. But they decided to forget all the lost income they are getting and decided to help all PC installers. You should send Apple a thank you note as well.
  3. Hello , I have recently installed Mac OSX 10.5.8 iDeneb on my PC and installation worked fine. After installing I rebooted as normal and after it rebooted, I tried to boot into my new Mac partition. Instead of booting, it just stayed at the black screen with one flashing white "_" in the upper left hand corner. It just flashes there and does nothing. I waited for about 20 minutes and nothing happened. Does anyone know why this is happening? And is there any fixes? My Specs: HP Pavilion dv9700t intel core 2 duo 2.2ghz 4gb ram Nvidia 8600gm graphics card On my main partition : Windows 7
  4. Hello, i installed the latest svn from iwidarwin and what program do i use to launch network selector on iatkos 10.5.2 install? like what app i tried terminal and it says illegal operation?
  5. Leopard partition size

    Thanks for the help, i recently just googled it and i had no luck do you have a URL?
  6. Leopard partition size

    Hello, i need to add a partition to a leopard partition so that i can have more space on my leopard partition and yes i read the post at the top but i need to not let it destroy all my stuff on my leopard partition any instructions please? thanks... -Ethan
  7. sound outlets for dv6000

    Hello, i have a dv6000 with Intel HDA audio but where i plug my headphones in and stuff doesnt work ? is there a driver or fix for this?
  8. Intel Gma 950 with leo 10.5.2

    sigh.... got the blue screen of death when booting into it is there any fix?
  9. Intel Gma 950 with leo 10.5.2

    anyone try the graphics update for 10.5.2 with a intel Gma 950 graphics card if you did please tell me if it worked or not or if theres a fix -Ethando these work i saw these in software updater 1.digitial camera Raw compatablilty2.safari 3.1?3.leopard graphics update (Asking)4.seurity update 2008-0025. time machine and airport update
  10. anyone have a fix for this is it my graphic card or what please a fix
  11. Okay thanks alot for your help hp pavilion i like to see resposes from almost the same lappy as me well as i am saying here do i need to only backup s2 kext and thats al will that make everything work like my trackpad and keyboard because i have stuff on my cmp i dont want to lose
  12. Hello, i am running iatkos 10.5.1 and i want to update to 10.5.2 what should i do i tried it manually but i screwed up my trackpad and key board and i tried restoring the applesmobios well also would there be any more kexts i would have to reinstall? and can i use kalyways combo update to 10.5.2 with my specs....?? Specs: ATA BUS HL-Dt-St DVD rAM GSA-4084n:works intel high definition audio:Works firewire bus:working intel GMA 950 graphics card working 2 gigs of memory or 1 gig:works serial ati:inteel ich7 AHCi,Toshiba MK1234GSX,INtel ICH7-M AHCI:works all usbs work fine my comp is a hp pavilion dv6000 labtop please tell me if i can upgrade with kalyways combo or tell me what other kernals i have to restore thnaks alot -Ethan sorry for my spelling
  13. is there anyway I could fix this so I can install windows again then dualboot
  14. okay this is my third time posting this i really need this driver stop deleting it.... okay well Please a link or something becasue all the time we boot into a mac disk it is just black and white and yo cant read what it says unless you highlight it i suppose its the grahics card if its not please post a fix thank you one more thing. the graphics card is a intel 82865G graphcs controller DONT DELETE THIS jsut give an honest answer if there is no driver or fix. Sorry for my spelling Thanks again -Ethan
  15. anyone have a fix for the replug thing? or a dload of this if you do please post here also praysis can you get diff links there down and i really want this . thanks -Ethan