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  1. mkdir() failed to create

    Yeah same here.
  2. NO DVD reader, need help

    A DVD reader is about $25-$30. Are you sure your PC will run OSX anyway?
  3. I wish they put 1gb RAM in as standard. And I thought they were supposed to get cheaper? They need to be a little more competitive with pricing. It's a much nicer computer than any PC but it's also almost twice what I would want to spend. You are getting more quality for your money and Mac OS so there is a large benefit. I want to switch to a MAC, maybe I'll wait for the iBook, although maybe it won't be dual core.
  4. From what I know Sound Blaster is not supported by Mac's at all. I'm not suprised beause they are bottom end cards and the only people that would buy a sound card for a mac are mostly professionals. On a good note...it looks like your motherboard has onboard sound. If you enable your onboard sound you may be able to get that working since the image has AC97 audio support.
  5. AMD Atholn XP2600

    You could run Mac OS 9.1 with the emulator called Shapeshifter.
  6. Snes9X port

    I think you need some sort of hardware accelleration much like emulators for Windows need directx and compatible hardware/drivers installed. For me emulators are all shades of green until I get the driver situation sorted out.
  7. Apple's Mighty Mouse

    If you noticed...this thread is quite old (Last post was beginning of September). OSX 86 10.4.3 is out now so the issue is probably solved since that was the requirement for the mouse software. You might want to get someone to confirm that it installs under OSX 86 at all though but I would assume it would since they are probably testing with it on the dev boxes.
  8. I think it depends how fast the Intel powerbooks would be. If they are fast enough to run apps through Rosetta at the same speed as a previous gen Mac then it would be possible. If they are really going to be dual core that's a big improvement as well.
  9. The reason for ATI drivers is probably to due with them now being the biggest video card manufacturer in the world. Intel stepped down recently and is stopping production of video solutions partly due to the requirements Windows Vista has imposed on them. Ati struck a deal with Intel and will take over their contracts. There is news about it somewhere from a few months ago.
  10. my opinion of mac

    I think it's because there are much less distraction is MacOS, the workflow is more straight forward and you don't need to tweak and fiddle so much. Not to mention the UI is actually professionally designed by artists not by programmers or street people or something. I'm probably going to move to a Mac when the new Intel Mac's come out. PC's have had superior hardware for a a good number of years now but the OS is a piece of {censored}. I'm totally sick of Windows...been using and supporting it for years. There are so many issues and errors that happen for no apparent reason and I'm sick of having to support users that have these issues. Computers should be easy and not require a lot of thought to use on a day to day basis...It doesn't make people stupid to want an easy computer it makes them smart. I don't want to waste time with Windows which is what I always end up doing. I've been a PC user my whole life and I'm just getting tired of it. I see so many places around me where Windows is just a waste of effort and money...at work we support 1000 or so PC's running Windows. The majority of these are used mainly for the Office suite and that's it. Other's use archaic outdated software originally written for DOS or Windows 95. We have PC's that are set up exclusively for web access and we have to run all these hacks and regedit's to lock them down. (a lot of the security features changed for XP so we are still on Win2K for those). Why not use Linux on these machines with everything except web browsing stripped out, it would be faster and far more secure. Wow...this is quite the anti Windows rant. You get that way when you have to fix frustrating issues that just occur out of thin air. For all you that have no problems with Windows and I'm just the crazy town drunk...you just need more time and you'll feel the same way eventually.
  11. DFI Lanparty UT nF3 250gb

    I have the same DFI board and it works perfectly. I don't have SATA drives so I'm not sure about them but everything else seems to work fine. It detects my ethernet but I'm using wireless. Sound works fine too. Just use JAS's PPF patch on the ISO and your ready to boot up and install. I couldn't get it to work in VMWARE but it works natively just fine. If you get a Sempron you might as well get one with SSE3 etc. and you would have a nice OSX box.
  12. Ati 9800 (sluggish problem solved?)

    Shimms, I don't think there is anyway to get dual monitors to work yet with any card. To get more resolutions press "F8" before the white apple screen and then type in "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" or substitute any other resolution. The other way to do this is open up this file with textEdit /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Boot.plist and add a line that says Graphics Mode 1280x1024x32 Or whatever resolution you are looking for. I'm having the same problem with a 9800Pro. Really sluggish with graphical glitches, jumpy movies and then I removed the kext files and the desktop performs perfectly now. Screensaver's are still slow and I don't have any video acceleration for games no QE or CI (said they were supported before I removed the kext's). Let me know if you get anywhere with your experiments nepali_gurka.