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  1. westwaerts - What is wrong with putting a voice to frustration? Somebody voices an opinion and you follow-up by alienating an entire country with the "American ignorance" comment. While some things in his post are Apple-ism's some are just bad User Interface design. Bad interface design leads to frustration, which seems to be the basis of this post is it not? Ignorance would imply that he doesn't know what he is talking about, which, it seems he does. For example, CMD+Backspace instead of delete, he is well aware of the difference, not ignorant. Put any new computer user in front of a keyboard, select a file and ask them what the delete key will do, I'd bet in this small usability study nearly 100% will say delete the file. If I see a label for a men's bathroom, it better damn be one when I walk into it. Apple has focused on making things attractive, integrated, etc. They have dropped the ball with some very basic human and computer interaction rules. One could only hope they pick it up again in the future.
  2. Looking for good software!

    Its spam - aka, check the site link and read the top of the page, the first post was cut from there: From the dvd clone main site: Do you want to make extra copies of your wedding DVD video for you to share with your family and friends? Or, are you in the videography business where you need to make DVD copies of all the videos you made for your client.
  3. I had the same experience... I have a DS3R board and have this exact configuration and it works.
  4. Did you try deleting your partitions and then creating new ones? A straight format may not work.
  5. What app are you missing?

    Newsleecher - tried all the mac usenet readers and they are at best, terrible. General things I miss: a lot of applications seem to use multiple windows on the mac, which is annoying, it is like going back to browsing without tabs! Google's picasa Mobi-pocket ebook reader compiler.
  6. Food for thought, things like sleep and shutdown are more reliable for me using USB keyboard/mouse over my PS2 ones. I have since stayed with USB.
  7. Great post, even more impressive, your godlike level of patience after reading some of this thread's posts!
  8. Just wanted to add a note if anybody didn't already realize the following: SATA support seems to be limited to the number supported by the chipset. For example, on the GA-P35-DS3R, 6 are controlled by the intel chipset, the last two (purple on my motherboard) are controlled by the Gigabyte controller. I can use all but the purple ports on my motherboard. That is with the Kalyway 10.5.1 install.
  9. If you don't mind waiting for an extra week or two (if it doesn't work) and won't miss the IO panel, go with the open box. I have tried twice and both were bad experiences.
  10. this sucks...

    Excellent observations. A high level explanation of new OSX concepts would be an excellent primer. I think most noobs here (myself included) are coming from Windows where installing a driver means download, double click and occasionally, reboot. Driving down the osx86 road can be a bit intimidating with all these references to kext files, card id's, and all the terminal commands!
  11. Asus P5W DH Question.

    Just got one and it does have those settings in the bios. I couldn't install because the motherboard would not post after changing any of the BIOS settings. Kind of funny actually because the place I bought it stopped carrying ASUS because of the high number of returns and defects so I got a good deal on the board brand new in the box. Going to change it out for a GA-P35-Something...
  12. Great guide. Do you have sleep/shutdown working as well?
  13. Help a noob install leopard

    You may have tried this, but I had this issue with a bad DVD burn. Did you verify the iso when you burnt it? I changed to Imgburn and did a verify and that fixed the issue for me....
  14. KALYWAY .zip file

    Not sure how to do it on Linux, but I found that not all archive applications are created equal when attempting to unzip the file. On Windows, the only application I could get to unzip the file and come out with the correct MD5 was WinRar. May or may not be an issue.