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    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Just to report back. I used this guide http://www.win-raid.com/t286f16-Guide-Flashing-modified-AMI-Aptio-UEFI-using-AFU.html used afudos to extract bios patch extracted bios with UEFIPatch used afudos (using /P /B /K flags) to flash bios back rebooted to windows shutdown and used afudos to extract new bios tests 1) tried to use uefipatch and it says something like string not found or nothing to patch 2) searched for the 75 string with UEFITool but not found. EB string found 3) use RWEverything and searched for 0xE2 converted string to binary bit 15 is 0 I'm hoping that the three tests confirms that it was patched correctly and flashed successfully This is for Asus notebook Q301LA (whch is the same as S301LA) with S301LAAS.214 rom version Take the above info with a grain of salt. You can brick your notebook if you try to flash with a modded bios.
  2. ikkoku

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    I tried to run fpt from your ftk for win, but it says it's not compatible. For some reason I can't boot usb to dos either.
  3. ikkoku

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    @CodeRush Great job with the tool. I have an Asus Q301LA laptop which is the same as the S301LA with H87 chipset. I downloaded the latest bios from the ASUS website and followed the instructions you gave in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285444-uefipatch-uefi-patching-utility/page-57?do=findComment&comment=1984362 and have created a new rom file. Is there any way to check if it was done correctly? Attached is the patched rom S301LAAS.zip
  4. do you mean this? 2/28/14 8:37:31.000 PM kernel[0]: Ethernet [RealtekRTL8100]: RTL8105E: (Chipset 12) at 0xffffff80dec3d000, 4:7d:7b:b8: 5:b8 how do I add attachments?
  5. Just tested this kext on my U310 (with 8105E) and it work great. I did have to configure it manually tho. Automatic did not work for me (it kept switching between connected and disconnected). My settings were 100baseTX full duplex standard (1500) I've tested waking from sleep as well as unplugging and re-plugging the ethernet cable and using both methods, I was able to get an IP and internet access.
  6. OP, could you upload your applehda.kext?
  7. just installed (well for about the 10th time now) iATKOS S3v2 on my MSI A6000 (Core2Duo, GeForce 8200M G, Atheros 9285) and have the following problems: 1) Once computer falls asleep, I can't revive it 2) every time I boot up, it creates a new airport item (System Preferences>Network: Airport, Airport 2, Airport 3, etc...) and I would have to re enter my network info to connect. --- I did install the IO8211Family.kext. Without it, the wireless card is recognized but cannot connect to anything 3) webcam (bison) is powered but has no picture any help would be appreciated.