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  1. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Even with plist fixed with array, it didn't work. I'll get a fresh Darwindump later for you.
  2. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Still no input signal after booting into safe mode with the fakeid, injectati, duckweed framebuffer and loadvbios.
  3. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Its because every single attempt with fakeid enabled has resulted in black screen and no input signal after boot, so i haven't been able to provide a single darwindump for you with it actually shown as enabled =/ From what i read only mobile GPUs needed the LoadVBIOS option enabled? I have tried it a few times anyway but the same results so far. Are you sure it should be array for Kernelandkextpatches section? I was following your thread, you have done it like this: <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>KernelCpu</key> <false/> <key>ATIConnectorsController</key> <string>6000</string> <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>000400000403000000010000120401050008000004020000000100001102040310000000100000000001000000000002</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>040000000403000000010000100001061000000010000000000100000000000100080000040200000001000012040403</string> (Some reason won't let me add another code section in last post) And here is mine <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>ATIConnectorsController</key> <string>6000</string> <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>00040000040300000001000012040401000400000403000000010000220505020008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>00040000040300000001000021030104000200000402000000010000100002030008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000010605</string> <key>AppleRTC</key> <false/> <key>KextsToPatch</key> <dict> <key>0</key> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>t1-10.9/AppleHDA/Resources/xml>zml</string> <key>Find</key> <data> eG1sLnps </data> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleHDA</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> em1sLnps </data> </dict> </dict> </dict>
  4. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    I did not try the LoadVBIOS option yet, why might this help? Will change dict to array I am setting fakeid to 0x67791002 in clover.
  5. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Give up?
  6. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Anyone know why i get this output for my FB injection? <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>ATIConnectorsController</key> <string>6000</string> <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>00040000040300000001000012040401000400000403000000010000220505020008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>00040000040300000001000021030104000200000402000000010000100002030008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000010605 </string> <key>AppleRTC</key> <false/> <key>KextsToPatch</key> 0:117 0:000 Custom boot CUSTOM_BOOT_DISABLED (0x0) 0:117 0:000 KextsToPatch: 1 requested 0:117 0:000 error Unsupported getting next element at index 0 0:117 0:000 Default theme: YosemiteLogin
  7. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Ok its still not working right, now I'm not sure. I selected injectATI and assigned Duckweed FB in clover menu. If i also do Fake id 6779, it still gives me no input signal after boot. DarwinDumper_2.9.8_AMI_X64_3253_Yos_jasjeet.zip 0:118 0:000 KextsToPatch: 1 requested 0:118 0:000 error Unsupported getting next element at index 0 <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>ATIConnectorsController</key> <string>6000</string> <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>00040000040300000001000012040401000400000403000000010000220505020008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>00040000040300000001000021030104000200000402000000010000100002030008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605</string> <key>AppleRTC</key> <false/> <key>KextsToPatch</key>
  8. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Here is the dump with Duckweed FB fixed as you said adding the 2 extra lines. I used InjectATI, but did not use a Fake ID. DarwinDumper_2.9.8_AMI_X64_3253_Yos_jasjeet.zip When i use a Fake ID of 0x67791002 along with the above (injectATI and Duckweed), after bootup it results in a black screen and no input signal on display. <dict> <key>ATIConnectorsController</key> <string>AMD6000Controller</string> <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>00040000040300000001000012040401000400000403000000010000220505020008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>00040000040300000001000021030104000200000402000000010000100002030008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605</string>
  9. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    OK, thanks for clarifications. The only thing im not doing from clover menu is the ATIConnecterData patch, thats in config.plist. What did you mean by "Just see encoderid to be different."? You mean copy the last 2 lines from Duckweed original, then change the encoder id's of those 2 lines such that they dont conflict with others?
  10. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Haha slice I saw it yesterday too, I've fixed it to AMD6000Controller, can I use Kudzu as its only 2 ports then? Or should I add 2 lines of zeros? As I said, when I use fake ID I can't get into the OS, no matter the frame buffer selected. When using fake ID, should inject ATI be used? I'm doing this from the clover menu at bootup rather than in config.plist if that makes a difference.
  11. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    As i said, that is without any modifications. I will update clover, totally didnt realise it was that old. In the clover boot menu, i can specify the fake id and framebuffer. When i set fake id, system profiler still gives the original device id, is that normal? When i set framebuffer to duckweed with my frame buffer mod, i get black screen after boot up, GPU fan at 100%, no input signal on display. InjectATI also does nothing, except system profiler reports HD 7000 series when enabled. Is fake id of 0x67791002 ok to use? I will get some more dumps with various configs. Edit Here is a dump with latest clover installed, i used default selected frame buffer (bulrushes), injectATI and display fix flag. Still no acceleration however. DarwinDumper_2.9.8_Clover_X64_3253_Yos_jasjeet.zip Edit 2 The closest i can get to it booting is like this: fake id 0x68B81002, Bulrushes or Duckweed, Inject ATI, and DIsplay Fix flag. It results in mouse cursor on a black background with square around it which starts to artifact the longer i leave it, the mouse does respond to mouse input.
  12. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Ok i tried some things Duckweed framebuffer, with dev id 6738 (HD 6870), fan spins 100% after boot, black screen, no input signal. I have tried the frame buffer edit of Duckweed too 01 [DISPLAY_PORT] redsock_bios_decoder : enc obj 0x20 transmitter 0x21 dual link 0x2 enc 0x3 radeon_bios_decode: Connector at index 0 Type [@offset 43522]: DisplayPort (10) Encoder [@offset 43526]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2 (0x21) i2cid [@offset 43632]: 0x93, OSX senseid: 0x4 02 [DVI_I] redsock_bios_decoder : enc obj 0x1e transmitter 0x10 dual link 0x0 enc 0x0 radeon_bios_decode: Connector at index 2 Type [@offset 43542]: DVI-I (2) Encoder [@offset 43546]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY (0x1e) i2cid [@offset 43696]: 0x92, OSX senseid: 0x3 New FB 00040000 04030000 00010000 21030104 00020000 04020000 00010000 10000203 Duckweed orig 00040000040300000001000012040401000400000403000000010000220505020008000004020000000100001102030400020000140200000001000000000605 Still nothing, heres the darwindump from just booting in without modifications DarwinDumper_2.9.8_Clover_X64_2818_Yos_jasjeet.zip
  13. Cheap GPU with Displayport?

    Slice, I tried messing with it again yesterday, I ised kudzu FB since it had 2 ports, I modified it using the guide to match my outputs but still nothing. I force kudzu FB in clover bootloader, but it just leads to black screen and no input signal just as before. I will get the darwin dump, but so far I can only get into the system without any edits =/
  14. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    I don't think it's that, I have lots of edits and it works perfectly fine. It crashes loading up new configs too that it generates. Problem is likely to do with OSX giving up as without acceleration and not detecting the GPU properly it's running like {censored}, even textedit is struggling. System is fine with my other GPU. Back to fixing this HD 7470, any ideas?
  15. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    I can't get this card to work (7470 device id 6778) I've tried Changing device id via clover to 0x6779 Changing device id in AMD6000 from 6779 to 6778 InjectATI on/off And finally I fixed frame buffer as shown above. I either get no acceleration or the display detects no input after boot. Help?