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  1. Acer aspire one a150 atheros 5007EG

    Si es posible. Mira mi post en este hilo http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t162189.html (mira lo que yo escribo, nick=sirlong), ahi explico paso por paso como hacerlo, lo puse en ingles pero lo vas a entender perfectamente. Solo te lo garantizo para esa version de hackintosh ideneb 1.4 (Leopard 10.5.6). Te escribo esto desde la AAO en Leopard. Te adjunto una captura de pantalla que lo prueba. Salu2. Cristian.
  2. Atheros 5007EG works with iDeneb1.4 - mini howto.

    Confirmed!!! It works in my Acer Aspire One. But, it is not necessary to move to the right the button of activation of the atheros. The procedure is the following one: 1.- Install the Ideneb 1.4 2.- Install all updates, except the Leopard 10.5.7 3.- Download & Install the kext mencioned with OSX86tools. 4.- Download & Install Kismac r319 5.- From other OS. u have that be sure that the wireless card is on (switch is on). 6.- After reboot, activate Airport from icon. 7.- Run Kismac & put in preferences-->Driver "Apple Airport Extreme Card. Passive mode" 8.- In advanced u must put en(x) (en1 in Acer One, en1 is the default, in this case not change) 9.- Start scan with Kismac, put u pass. 10.- When Kismac show the nets, "close Kismac" 11.- Select the net in the Airport icon, now it show here. Enjoy. Tips: - If Kismac not show nets, u must sure that the wireless card is on!!!! - If u not can activate Airport, renew DHCP (from net options-->advanced-->TCP-IP) - It is not necessary to deactivate Airport before shut down. When you initiate leopard again, you must repeat the procedure from point 6 to the 11. - The stability is OK, NO Crashes, NO Kernel panic & the performance is as in XP or Vista. Many hours working OK -The Atheros light not work & never do it, because it work by soft (by especific driver 4 windows)
  3. Leopard casi al 100% en Acer Aspire One

    Aparentemente el driver para la wifi, está solucionado (no lo he probado, no he tenido tiempo de instalar leopard en mi AAO todavía): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1007614 o aquí: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...rt=#entry978872 A, por cierto, ninguna netbook le hace sombra a la AAO, no por nada es lejos la primera en ventas. Diseño: la mejor, Hardware: de lo mejor, Portabilidad: la mejor, Relación Precio/Beneficio: años luz la mejor. Salu2.