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  1. Thanks for the reply. Came back to the machine after leaving it alone all day yesterday - unresponsive again. No jmicron here - all SATA. No OC either. My money is on the VooDoo Power....hope so anyway. I just changed it out - we'll see how it goes. One other goofy thing I've had a minor issue with ever since the 10.5.6 refresh is every time I reboot, I have to unplug and plug back in my Logitech keyboard/mouse USB receiver in order to get functions like "back" on my mouse to work. If I don't cycle the receiver, it's like I don't have the Logitech control panel installed at all. Never had that issue on any install in the past. Thanks again Eliade.
  2. Anyone ever have a problem where they leave the system running (no auto sleep) at all times but come back later to a system that is still running yet the monitor doesn't wake? I have yet to figure out what the issue is. Seems to happen every few days. Only way to correct it is to reboot. It seems like the system might have gone into a KP or similar because using volume up/down on keyboard makes no sound, trying to initiate spotlight doesn't get the hard drive cranking as usual but without the video output turning on I don't know how to confirm the problem. Wondering about the stability of the Voodoo Power kext now (using it currently). Any thought at all? Any way to see what happened after rebooting? Thanks guys!
  3. Start the DVD using the -v prompt so you can see where it hangs. I did have an issue with a burnt version of 10.5.4. Only after I reburned it using Disk Utility on my Mac Book Pro at the slowest speed did I get the install to start.
  4. No issues here. Which install of EFI did you use? If it is the EFI Partition install, I think you need to install the ethernet kext with UInstaller and not place it in the EFI partition. But that should be the same as Auzigog's tut. Success! Had to try a few combinations of kexts to get things to work but here is my modification to the install provided by Auzigog. Problem: Certain programs sensitive to AppleSMBIOS were not functioning properly, mainly iMovie'08 and Final Cut Pro 6 when attempting to import AVCHD video. Both programs would crash when asked to perform such tasks. Solution: Instead of using the SMBIOSEnabler.kext provided in Auzigog's install package, I used the latest AppleSMBIOS.kext provided by macdotnub as well as Superhai's SMBIOSResolver.kext discussed here. If I only used the updated AppleSMBIOS without the SMBIOSResolver kext, I had errors with other programs that were sensitive to ASMBIOS.kext, namely Log Me In. Once I added Superhai's kext in, all is well. I added both of these to my EFI Partition so for the two-part kext install per Auzigog's guide, these would both go in the "Kexts for Chameleon" section.
  5. Good to know - thanks. Ended up using the SATA drive I started with after narrowing the problem back to the DVD itself.
  6. Has anyone had any errors related to an SMBIOS issue? I think I may have stumbled into one when trying to import AVCHD footage from a Panasonic HDC-SD9 camera. Everything worked just fine on my previous Leo4All install. Off to test..... Sorry....been out of the loop trying to get everything back to as it was before. I used the standard ol' original ISO. Nothing special needed. I did have a tough time getting started with this method due to DVD-ROM reading errors but it turned out to be just a poor burn of the Leopard Retail disk. Burned it on my MBP at slow speed using Disk Utility and everything was fine. BTW - I couldn't get an IDE install to work with the original BOOT-132 ISO...not sure what was up.
  7. It's not the USB bootloader but the EFI Partition installation munky has posted in the Genius Bar worked great for me. I'm completely vanilla except for the audio kexts added with UInstaller. All else is controlled by the kexts and plist located in the EFI partition. Thanks again, Auzigog!
  8. Anyone used munky's EFI Partition bootloader with this board yet? Just completed a Boot-132+Retail install to 10.5.6 last night without doing any EFI or kext work. Hoping to try out the EFI partition install in the next few evenings (Big game tonight...probably won't get much playing done). Thanks to Auzigog's fantastic instructions - they helped a ton! Other than having a bum retail 10.5.4 DVD burn, all went smoothly.
  9. RLembke

    TimeMachine fails backup

    Add another for ossx8899 back in post #150. Used the kext provided, installed with KextHelper, rebooted - nothing. Did the change device to NONE, then added it again, and it's backing up as we speak. Thanks ossx8899!
  10. RLembke

    FireWire Dynex PCcard + Kernal Panic.

    Care to share so others can learn?
  11. RLembke

    PCI Firewire

    Devin - Did this card end up working alright for you? Can't beat the price against the ~$38 Best Buy wants for their 3 port card instore.
  12. I installed using Zeph 10.5.2 DVD last night. Sound worked out of the box except for a strange buzzing sound that I corrected by unplugging my case speaker (strange!). Details of my full install here - http://osx.kbot.de/comments.php?DiscussionID=628&page=1 Rob
  13. Anjan - Read here for taking screenshots - http://guides.macrumors.com/Taking_Screenshots_in_Mac_OS_X One other thing to post, Anjan - what do you have enable/disabled in your BIOS? MIDI, Game Port, Serial, Legacy USB. Over on the Zephyroth forum, we're trying to figure out if disabling certain things in BIOS make a difference in whether the sound on the A8N boards works. Rob